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Want to ask a girl out before it's too late! Please help!


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Please post if you don't mind typing much:


I will tell the story from start to finish....


I have know this girl for 3 years.Now 2 years ago I used to make fun of her alot with my friends.(I was in 8th grade).She got a job at my work and all of a sudden im like damn.I started liking her out of nowhere.Im in 10th now and im 16,she's 15.I work at a restarant and she's a waitress.Anytime at work I will look at her when she comes in the back(Kitchen) and she just gigles & says what? And I say "nothing..." and smile.


Friday 29th,2003: 4 people were left at work near closing.My boss made me go up front with her alone and made my friend-co worker stay in the back (my boss and every employee is trying to hook us up and she dosen't notice......I think..?).I had to help her mopp,she said she didn't know how to mopp.So I showed her and she started laughing and we talked for 20 minutes,you can call it flirting cause comeon who in the world doesn't know how to mopp a floor?


-Now pause the whole story and let me give you some other info:


We go to the same high school and I can openly admitt,Im afraid of being rejected.Think about my position...There are 929 students in my grade 10.Im at the biggest high school in ohio.I also know that if I get rejected,than the whole 10th grade will know and Ill be embaressed as all hell.I sit next to her at lunch,we have 5 people at our table and im the only one she talks to.But she is friends with the other people at this table.


-Back to the story:


She dosent drive,but I do.The problem is i didn't have my car at work due to repairs.So My friend/coworker (is our age too and has a girl friend)said ill drive you home tonight to me.Then he went behind my back and told her he would take her home too.When every one was in the kitchen,my friend said to her that I want to get her drunk and have sex with her on the way home as a joke.Now this is where im in questions,she said this to me in front of everybody at work "You don't have to get me drunk for that",but she said it laughing,so i don't know if she was serious or joking.At the end of the night we were ready to go home and I get to his car to see that he is taking us both home.Now I opened the door and put the seat forward to let her in first.She then says,in a normal voice don't you sit in the back and let my sit in the front".


At first I thought she liked the driver(my,you get the point by now,Friend-CO worker),then we start driving home when he puts this make out music on and I give him a dirty look.She still doesn't realize what my work and my friend are trying to do....I think,unless she likes this little game,but girls is she really this clueless? Then I hit the back of her seat lightly as a little joke or whatever.She then like "Since your in the backseat will you rub my back.I then wondered if she planned this from the beginning of telling me to sit in the backseat? Now this is the part that I regret the most....I didn't rub her back...I know im a moron. But I was afraid that if she wasn't interested in me and than my high school life is over.


This is where I need your help:


Can you give me tips on the exact way to ask her out and think of it from my point of view and tips on how to become able to build confidence.Last of all what exactly do I do if I get rejected???


Thank you for your time!

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I can see where ur coming from. If u really like her then just ask her out. Just say what comes to ur head. u can't really plan these things perfectly (even though many have tried). Rejection is something that everybody goes through. The first time is probably the hardest. U just have to remember that not every crush that u have is gonna turn out like u daydream it to be, and expect the worst.

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