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what women uhh... 'like'

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hi. i dont asking this question is rude or anything... this may just be me, but here goes...


i love getting kissed on the neck, and making out. i think the guy should be daring, willling to go for what he wants, and mostly in charge, but not so much that he's ignoring my body language and whether or not im having fun...really my best advice on this is just do what first feels natural and dont be afraid to do anything. also, be confident!! lol...


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hey there


it's not rude to ask what a girl likes... in fact it's an excellent question and one you should probably be asking your girlfriend!!!

We are all so different in what turns us on, that I can guarentee that you will be earning extra brownie points just in the asking of the question!Don't intergate her.. or make it like 60 questions..... just tactfully and honestly.

Most girls are pretty encouraging I think in communicating what feels good, and if you can read her body language, that will help too.


good luck!


PS- just to prove a point slightly, I HATE having my neck kissed.... unlike the girls who wrote before me!

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I get really turned on when my boyfriend kisses the back of my neck, just feeling his breath on the back of my neck really gets me going. When he sucks and nibbles my ear and breaths into my ear, i just want more of him.... making out is always fun and i think it turns everyone on at least a little bit.

Hope this helps.....


-Heart4Chris- [/b]

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