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What Do You Think? Help ??c

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Hi there, long story, but I'll make this as short as I can, My ex from 4 mths almost, is moving directly accross from my apartment apparently, (he told my neighbours, also they are my friends upstairs) this today when I was at work.... what can he be thinking.... gotta wonder eh?


We have run into each other, and I've been running away from him, and now this stuff, whatz up with this do you think?


BTW: He is ADD, so I'm starting to wonder if he has some emotional issues even still, I dunno, he confuses me soo much...

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Summer: Hey no, we live in Toronto, Canada, I heard he was moving, but I imagined it would be far, away, but NOT.... the nerve of him, I'm so confused, god only knows, and BTW I appreciate the help, I need all the help i can get, so don't worry about that....


ps: I've avoided him, he's tried to talk, I cannot even look him in the eye right now....

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oh yikes. oh, I have been in similar situations. just do your best to treat him like an acquiantance. ie, if you see him on the street, wave, and go back to whatever it was you were doing. if he stops to talk, just say, "Nice/lousy weather we are having, huh?" just keep the topics light.


it is hard, I know, but just keep on living your life. when you get 100% over him and are dating someone new, you won't care whether your ex sees you or not. good luck

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Honey, look, when my husband and I first got together, his ex lived exactly one floor beneath us in the same apartment building. We never saw her.


It's social proximity, not physical proximity, that dictates how much contact you'll have with someone in the city. And I am soooo grateful for that...


Seriously, I don't know what he's thinking. I mean, maybe he can't completely let go, needs to have you as some kind of "comfort zone." Maybe it's hard to get a decent apartment now, and it's an area he's able to find a good place.


Focus on your own life. I'm surprised he isn't a little embarrassed to do something like that, to tell the truth. I mean, wouldn't you be? But I don't know. Anyway, remember you need to focus on you.

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Thanks Juliana and everybody here, I don't know what to think about it.... but your advice is very good. My ex and my son used to be close... and apparently he's been extremely friendly to Michael (my kid) as well.... (he has dropped into my place while I'm at work to say "Hi to him even) it just feels very uncomfortable to me....


Maybe he feels he can make amends or something, I'm not gonna give myself a migraine worrying about it though, thats for sure

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Hello lovely,


Sorry to hear about this latest development... It's tough getting over someone when you're in close proximity but you've come so far already so keep going.


Like Annie said - when you see him, smile, wave, engage in as little conversation as you can and reveal nothing about what you're doing with your life and ask him no questions.

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Hey Z, Nice to see ya!


Yeah things here have gone crazy in the beach, maybe it was the full moon that started everything off last week I'm not quite sure?


I can really relate when they say "All ex's should in in Texas" lol


Its all making me a little crazy right now, and others people say well ask him whats up with this? but I can't, hard for me even to look him in the eye.... too many bad feelings leftover, but you know how that is right?


Glad that you hear that you, on another note, are doing great, I'm really going to have to work on getting where you are....

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