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So theres a girl I want to approach..

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our school's winter dance is on Jan. 27th and I want to ask this girl whom I have never talked to. I've had a big crush on her since the first day of school. I always see her after school working out in the weight room for track, and I lift weights so we see eachother. It's the perfect time to ask. But I don't know how to approach her. Help please!



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Have you ever smiled at her before? Waved? Has there been eye contact? If the signals you get from her are positive, I'd say just go up and introduce yourself, saying you've seen her around. For an easy subject, you could just start off by talking about something you know she likes, eg track running. If you bump into her in the gym frequently, it's definitely a good time to start talking. What have you got to lose? Go for it.

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don't just walk right up to her and ask ehr out... ask if she needs a spot in the weight roon, ask her 'what are you doing today?... legs? shoulders?


since you see each other in the gym, you have some common interests.


Talk about those things first... she may be a bit apprehensive if you just walk up to her and ask her to the dance.


Its only a couple of weeks away...and if you do get talking to her before then, then maybe ask her if she's going. who's she's goign with to get an idea if she's going with friends, a group of girls... a guy friend.. or maybe a boyfriend that you dont' know about!

good luck!

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Try to make eye contact a couple time if you do then approach her or like others have said ask to spot her or something like "hey i see you all the time whats your name" and see how things go that could easly spark up some convo that could lead to a number/email exhange or a date/hung out thing just make sure and this is important that you end the convo and if you do get a number then leave don't stick around and continue talking to her you don't want to come off desprate or clingy...

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