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Help me quick! Love = No limits??

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My fiancee and I are marrying in 5 months. Any discussions about us or our future plans are instigated ALWAYS by me it seems. We are buying a house and planning a wedding and have to find a way to blend our families, his kid and my kids all to happen in the next 4 months. I am frustrated that whenever there are plans to be made or something needs to be done as far as our life together I always have to ask him to do or go or talk or decide about whatever it is... I can't recall him taking initiative hardly at all when it has to do with us and our future. One of the things I love about him is that he loves me unconditionally and has no expectations of me. I on the other hand have expectations and often get disappointed that he doesn't put more effort into "us". I see him talk for hours about other things, research details about his other interests and spend time daily on them but he does not do that with regard to our plans... Am I wrong to have a limit on how much I am willing to do and invest in us (doing all the work) while he is just the "yes" man who is more than willing to comply to my wishes and do as I ask or what I want? I need him to be more assertive. Is it too much to ask that of someone I love or If I ask it does it mean I don't love him truly but that I'm trying to change him?

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You should sit down with him and say that you want him to imput a bit more because this is 'our life' and not just yours and you don't want to make a decision that he will not like. He must remember that it is the 2 of you and not just one anymore. All relationships need comunnication at any stage.

Good Luck,


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