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Question to those who have cheated....


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Well I don't cheat and would never. If I was unhappy in my current relationship, then I would talk it out.


Now with this ex of mine, let's say it was a cheat, but I'm not sure since it only lasted for 7 days and nothing developed whatsoever (I would say it was just a fling). So anyways I was on my way of dumping him (found out he was shady and some bad information). But when I kept calling he wouldn't answer so I went with NC. I called again to break up, he answered and it was over. However two days before I had french kissed another guy, so LOL.


So to answer your questions:

1) Was it worth it? I dunno and I didn't really care since nothing ever developed, it simply wasn't meant to be

2) What was the outcome? Nothing whatsoever

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