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Just keep on bringing love and light into eachothers lives, and if one starts an argument refuse to give another spin to that wheel of hatred. Remember you aren't together to make eachothers lives miserable, also make sure that you solve what has lead to the break up in the first place, because if that problem resurfaces you'll just end up breaking up again.

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I think you are doing the right thing by taking it slow. If you just jump into the relationship where you left off you will end up right back where you started....(being single) Take it slow act like she is a New Girlfriend start over only this time you have the benefit of the doubt because you already know some of the things you have done wrong.

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My ex and I haven't been spending much time together lately because she is so busy. We do meet up a few times a week for lunch but she has been really busy with the kids after work and on the weekends. She is really stressed out right now, she hasn't been getting much sleep lately and I know she is behind on paying bills. I know how she gets when she is stressed out, and she is a completely different person.


I am going to ask her if she still enjoys spending time together because she did say she missed spending time together, but her actions aren't showing that right now. We talked briefly about how we both feel about everything between us and she said she wants to take things slow and see what happens, I agree. I feel that she isn't making a conscious effort on her part to do that, maybe I'm wrong. I need to know if we might have a future together because things feel one-sided right now. I don't want things to come out the wrong way so I'm thinking of what to say.


Am I doing the right thing here? Anyone have any advice?

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Well I am in a very simialar situation. I started to hang out with my ex again as well. We have talked about getting back together once but that was it. After that we have just hung out and let things develop from there. She is also a very busy person with two kids and her career. I understand you and yes sometimes it feels like she is not "in" to me. This was a big problem when we first broke up. I know that she is busy, but this time around I am helping her with things. I am helping her with the kids (picking up the kids from school and playing with them). I do this and I get to see her more often, help her not stress so much (which puts her in a better mood), and I get to spend time with the kids also. An all around win/win situation. The point that I'm trying to make is if you really care about her and want to be with her then you need to be there for her and help her out. To me this creates a strong foundation for a relationship that you can build on. One more thing, you say that you have not kissed yet. All I can say is don't expect to kiss her just like that because of your past. You need to create the moment just like you would if it was your first kiss with her ever. Whoo her a little, be smooth, and go for it. Good luck!!!

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Yes, she is very stressed right now, and I think mainly from the financial standpoint. She has gotten herself into a situation where her bills are more than she makes. Last week when I was watching the kids at her place, I realized her satellite had been shut off from an overdue bill of 2 months. She is going thru a tough time now and not sure if she wants help. I would do anything to help her and she knows that. It is probably difficult for her to want to do much that involves money because she has no extra. If we were back together, things would be so much easier on her and she would be less stressed out. I could help to take a huge financial burden off her as well as I do make very good money. She could go back to school like she wants and wouldn't have to worry about working. I am completely there for her as far as taking care of the kids.


I am willing to do things for her to help her out, but not sure she wants that. Should I ask her how she still feels about things between us and if I misinterpreted what she wants? She said she wanted to spend more time together and take things slow, but her schedule isn't going to get any less busy. If we are going to spend time together, I need to fit in that schedule. I am willing to take things slow, but it seems as if were getting nowhere right now.


Any comments on what I can say to her? I don't want to come off as being needy but I want her to know how I feel.

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