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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to tell you about the great success I have had with St. John's wort for my depression. (Uh, like a bladder wort plant, not the wart on your third grade teacher's nose.)


It is sold over the counter, and can be found in almost any drug store and even grocery stores. It is an all natural herbal supplement, and apparently has few side effects. (I was worried about liver disease, but apparently, it is okay.) Also, it is relatively inexspensive.


It takes about a week for it to build up in your system, but it sure works for me, and is kind of like taking a "happy" pill. (Geez, what a relief to finally be able to go around and be happy again.)


Now, I don't want you to think that it turns you into a giddy zombie or something. (Well, maybe a little giddy.)


I have tried prescription anti-depressants with mixed results. (And many of those have horrendous side effects.)


Well, that's about it. (Also, I wanted to mention that this website has been very helpful as well.)

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Don't forget to mention the side effects =\


Saint john's wort might work for some, but not for everyone. Its like a chemical bomb and has a wide variety of effects as wel as side effects and much of it is still unknown. I personally disgress that such a thing would simply be adviced to one and all. I believe that you got benefit from it, don't get me wrong, its just not an all cure for everyone out there.

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