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Im Having A Very Hard To Breaking Up With Her.

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So obviously the simple thing to do would be...BREAK UP WITH HER........i soo wish it was that simple. Ive tried atleast 5 times now. Everytime i try she starts balling her eyes out and makes herself look like shes on the vurge of death and then makes me feel bad saying that she has no one but me. I jsut end up feeling sooo bad that i cant take it and give in and give her "one more chance" which ofcourse means absolutly nothing.


It is simple actually. Break up with her and don't give her another chance.

You need to realize that she's manipulating you.

You have a choice to:

1. stay miserable and compromise you hapiness just because she's going to be sad.

2. make yourself happy and finally DUMP her.


She'll try everything: crying, begging, than suicide threaths maybe, than begging again, than she'll be angry....

The only thing you need to do is: ignore her, stop answering her calls, you need to pretend she's DEAD!


Since it's so hard for you to brake up with her in person than brake up with her over e-mail. Yeah, that's right e-mail. Not even over the phone. On the phone she can lead you into another conversation that leads into manipulating you.

Send her an e-mail and after that IGNORE everything she tries. Not a single word to her. if she comes to your dorstep crying tell her how you will call police.

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i've know one or two girls (and boys, for that matter) who act just like your gf (or soon to be ex) does. it is not fair, she is wasting your time, and you're not happy with her. tell her that, tell her bluntly you don't love her anymore, and even if it is a bit rude, tell her you never will again. you are being a prisioner in your own life... don't be... just stay strong and don't let go of what you want.

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