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Wow... I used to be really addicted to junk food

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Years ago I ate junk food often, but looking back on it now, I was more addicted to it than anything.


I remember many times I would get home after school, and if my parents were not home, on frequent occasions I would grab some change and walked down a block to the 7-11 and buy at least 3 big candy bars, put them in a small paper bag when bought, walk back home, and then eat them with caution, stashing the wrapping papers and paper bag evidence under my bed when I was finished with them. As time went on, the collection of paper bags grossly accumulated under my bed, until it got to points where I took all of them and hid them in the trash bin outside.


And that was just part of my malnourished lifestyle. This isn't even getting into the fast food outings, restaurants, and take-out orders.


Boy am I glad those days are over. It seems more extreme now looking back on it as a person of good health and decently strong discipline when it comes to eating healthy. You wouldn't even recognize me in a photo from 6 years ago against a current photo.

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