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Does anyone know a really good machine to help lose weight fast and tone my belly. I want to tone my whole body, but my main focus is my belly. I was looking into buying a machine, but dont know which kind to get since their are so many.


Also any other ideas to lose inches quick in the stomach would also be helpful.



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As far as losing weight (or losing inches, I should say, because "weight" is a slippery term when it comes to these things), nothing beats simply walking/running. If you're stuck inside and don't want to invest into an expensive treadmill or elliptical machine, just do jumping jacks for a prolonged period of time (they can really get your heart pumping), or get a jumprope and go crazy with that (a lot of athletes use jumping ropes for training). Both of those things you can do inside in a relatively small space.


As far as targeting your belly, I personally don't think that machines are more effective than simple crunches/sit ups. Just make sure that you mix those up -- mix regular ones with oblique crunches and leg raises, etc.


You could also get an exercise ball and do crunches on that. It will give you good workout because you'll have to use your whole body to keep your balance while doing your crunches. And unlike the equipment that's geared towards abwork, you can use an exercise ball for many different purposes.

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laboheme is right... it has nothing to do with weight.. more like body fat %.


You cannot spot reduce. The first place you put it on (in your case, your belly) is the LAST place you will take it off.


The most important thing to look at is your diet.


What does your diet look right now? What is your fitness level like?


You don't need to buy a machine.. they are expensive and you can do many things for free.


As i said most important thing is DIET.. just because you go to your exercise class doesn't mean you can come home and chow down on some pad thai and have a couple pints of guiness.


For optimum fat loss, Can you doa 1/2 hour session in the morning before work/school before eating? its best to do some type or cardio exercise where you get your heart rate up for short periods of time... For eg.. if you are running, start off with a 15 minute job/light run then try and sprint one lampost , jog the next, and repeat 10 times. I would aim to do this 3-4 times per week. ( I don't know what level you are at already) Try and do it in the mornings.


If you can, try and do some weights exercises 3 evenings a week as well.. working different body parts each time.. Its important to do weights, as the more muscle you have, the easier it is to lose fat while you are resting. Try and do something like yoga or pilates once a week.


Also, try and eat 5-6 small meals a day, drink lots and lots of water.. cut out on the fruit juices and fizzy drinks


Find an exercise you enjoy,,, if you don't enjoy it it will be harder to motivate yourself to keep doing the exercise on a regular basis.


have a reward meal once a week where you eat anything you like... If you try and deny yourself all the time, then you may just give in one day and go too far.


If you have any questions, please ask away!

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I heard pilates is suppose to be really good for toning your abs, maybe you can spend money on some pilates videos and do that at hom, it's a lot cheaper than the machine!


The best thing for abs is to get rid of the fat on top... lots of people may have abs... but its covered by fat... whether or not you can see the abs depends on your body fat %.. not how many hours of pilates or situps one does best exercises for abs would be the workout you get from doing deadlifts or squats... compund exercises like that are much better (when you use mroe muscle groups) than just abs(mostly isolation exercises)


no such thing as 'tone'... you build muscle or you don't... and whether you can see the muscle depends on how much fat you have covering it.


need to do some weight bearing activity... with some high intensity

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Pilates is the best to get rid of your stomach fat!! It is the best excercise to tone and not bulk up. If you buy Windsor Pilates and do the DVD every day either the 20 min or one hour, you will see a difference in one week or two.


its misleading to make someone believe that spot reduction can reduce fat in one area... you need to be doing all over exercise and lose fat all over.. it one just slide away from one spot. Pilates is great for overall strength... and i you are losing fat from your stomach you are probably losing it from somewhere else as wekk



Women don't bulk up unless they take hormones... doing HEAVY weights is still the best way for women to become leaner.. women's bodies aren't made to be big and bulky... plenty of women, myself included, lift heavy weights and aren't big and buky I think doing weights is a great way to lose fat

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