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First time sex problem

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I've posted here before about my little problems with being anxious about having sex for the first time with my girlfriend. I'm 27, and a virgin, she's 21 and not a virgin. I'd decided not to tell her before the fact, and we happened to be staying at a hotel together this weekend just gone so it was the ideal time.


Everything started fine as i hoped it would, and as i performed oral sex on her, i got an erection. Then as it came time to get on with the proper act, i guess i had an attack of nerves, and the erection disappeared. And that was that. Couldn't get it back.


So i then had to apologise and explain that it was my first time. God, how embarrassing... i guess that just made things worse. We slept together naked, and then tried again in the morning, but i just couldn't get aroused at all.


I'm hoping that i'm going to get another chance to try, i really like this girl and she's really attractive - i've been incredibly aroused by just being around her and when i kiss her it's fantastic.


I've never had a problem getting an erection, or stimulating myself to orgasm so i know that it's not a physical problem.


Has anyone been through this before? What can i do to get rid of my nerves?

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