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Confused on what “a date” means.. and any advice would be nice :=]

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I am talking about a “first date”…


I always thought a date was when 2 people who like each other go out and get to know each other, but after reading sum stuff on here, I get the idea that its more of a regular thing where any 2 people (even if they have just met and may just be interested in each other) do it and can even end up as friends quite sooon after that first date..


I ask because I’m in a situation, where I like the girl and she has also shown interest in me, but I think she maybe in a relationship right now.

She has definitely said and done things to show that we could be at least friends.. and I am actually happier with that, since I wont be seeing her for a few years after this july..


So, any thoughts on how should I let her know we can be friends.. or sumthing.. I’m really lost right now..?(

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First you need to find out all the facts before you do anything cause if she is in a relationship there is a good chance that you'll be the one getting hurt if anything. Think about it if she does something w/ you then shes going to feel guilty about she did to HIM which would make her more emotionally attached to him not to mention the guilt would be enough for her to stick around w/ him.


Once you know the facts you need to think to yourself what kinda relationship your trying to have w/ her? is it just sex or messing around, friends that just hang out and talk, or something that you'd like to invest time in and have it be a bf/gf relationship..


My advice to you would be to figure out what YOU want and whats best for you and get the facts don't be scared to ask her questions and KNOW exactly what is going on w/ her feelings towards you

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