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Well, Ive been seeing a guy for just over a year now and at the start I really had strong feelings for him despite the fact he was very immature and didnt know how to treat me properly (would flirt outrageously with other girls in front of my face, have women over to dinner that he knew i didnt like as they would feel his bum in front of my face, etc with his flatmate and not invite me, etc). He always said he loved me though and I guess I thought he would change as when things were good between us they were really good. Anyway, at the end of the summer he finished with me and then asked for me to go back. I went back as I really missed him (as you do!) and we were fine for a while but things didnt seem quite right so I questioned it and then he admitted it wasnt right for him and ended it again. I was very upset but I was strong and just got on with it again. After a couple of weeks the grovelling came again with all of the 'I love yous' and yep, you guessed it, I went back again!!


The thing is though, this time he really is being a much more respectful person and I really believe he regrets everything and does love me.


BUT, now Im not that sure about everything, I really think that something snapped the second time he dumped me and I dont feel passionate about him any more. There is also somebody else that I have developed feelings for and now I feel like the guilty bad person despite all the crap my boyfriend put me through before (although I know that I did let him).

I know that I probably need to finish it as I feel really guilty about being dishonest to him and it feels like we are now just drifting. Is splitting up the right thing to do?!!

Sorry for the long rant!!

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I hope I'm not too rude here, but your actions disappoint me.


To simply answer your question, get away from him and move on. Even if your 'alone', it's still better then being treated so poorly.


Sounds simply like he's doing whatever he feels like and after a couple breakups, he 'decides' hes going to try?


Everyone deserves a second chance. Not a third. That's just my opinion.


It's up to you. And I might be missing more to it?

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You aren't being rude at all, thanks for your honesty.

I guess that I just feel guilty now as I have gone back to him and he's being who i always wanted him to be, but now Im not into it 100% and I like somebody else.

You are probably right though, I shouldnt have gone back a third time

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thats lik something i'm going thro i'm with this girl that i have been on and off with and now she says she loves me and wud kill herself if we split up and were ment for eachother i felt all that stuff wen we were off and nw that i have her bk im nt sure i want her.....i know this is sort of weird but i seen it in "scrubs" J.D gets elliot and doesn't want her anymor even tho he wanted her for so long.....and i like some1 else as well.....i love the girl i'm with now but don't know if i want this relationship anymor and this other girl i like is driving me crazy(good) and she likes me 2....mayb u shud forget him and move on thats what i think im gonna do unless any1 gives me sum advice on what i shud do?


thanks tho i thought i was alone in my situation

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