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should i wait

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she break up with me 5 weeks ago.NC 3 weeks.we talk before about to move in together in 1 st february.sense now she do not wanna see me and talk with me should i wait until end of january or just wait when she will come around,problably in february

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If someone, an ex, or even a current partner is NOT making an intentional loving effort to make you a priority in thier life, then there is NO good reason to initiate any contact with them..none.. she's broken the relationship and if she wants to "fix" it, then it's up to her to let you know that she wants to try again..and this "discovery' has to be made by her, on her own, in her own timing.. so for now let go, maintain no contact, and get back to taking care of yourself..

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don't even worry about the moving in with her.. take this one day at a time, and you might discover that moving in with someone whom you do not have strong, loyal, loving, comitted foundation of a relationship with, is NOT a good idea.. so think this through.. with self respect and respect for her.

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