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My Ex and I just broke up, it was a good and clean break. But I still love her to death. She said she thought having a BF would be a burden and it wasnt because of me, it was her moral values. I respect her decision and agreed to break up. Is there still a chance that we can get back together? or should I move on? Its weird, but I feel pretty good right now.

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Argh, the feeling of goodness was only temporary. I guess I was happy cuz the break up was clean and calm and everything. But now I feel very "empty" if u know what I mean. I wanna get back together, but I think she will need some time to sort things out and hopefully, will realize she may have made a mistake.

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Well what I am learning is that the ONLY way ANYTHING will happen in the future is if you give her space.




It's the only cure. It's incredibly hard (I am having MAJOR issue with it myself in my break-up) but it is the only way. If she loves you, she needs to see you happy and strong, just like the person she fell for in the first place. DON'T go down the path that is so easy to go down; begging, obsession etc etc. Give it space space space.


It's so hard and very wrenching but No Contact is the only way to go. As I am learning the only way to move forward, with our without the one you love, is to make sure YOU are the strongest you that you could be. You need to be 100% happy with yourself and your life.


And - cliche's suck but if it was meant to be, it will.


Take the time and heal. And as I am writing this I am smiling because I know it's the exact thing I need to do for myself as well!

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Thanks, I know what you mean. For me, NC is VERY hard since we both go to the same high school. It also sorta makes me kinda jealous when I find her around other guys. But I know she is a very outgoing person, so i'll let her be. Right now, shes completely ignoring me, due to the fact that we just broke up and its very awkward when we are around eachother. Is this a good sign? or bad sign? argh, girls are so hard to understand (no offense to them)

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dude....I will say this. a girl who is excited about a fella won't break up with a guy. dont read into her reasons. girls that are excited about guy would chew their arm off before they gave up on a relationship. You got an excuse to break it to you gently. So the best thing you can do is realize that she made the mistake, and live your life int hat regards. And if she comes back - she comes back.


BUT....one thing I will say. Do what you think is right. At least that way you have NO regrets.

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