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Hey guys...me again.


Last night was really difficult, it took so so SO much strength not to text him. When I finally got to sleep I started dreaming that I'd met somene else, but it was actually him. It was so strange. In it he gave me his old phone because mine had broken (exactly what happened between us, except I gave him mine), and when I was looking through it I found all the texts I had sent him when we were together. The thing that just sticks out in my mind most is that he kissed me and it was just so real...looking back at it now it was just like our first kiss, which was the most perfect kiss of my life.


I guess the details of the dream don't matter at all...it's just now my resolve to keep away from him and not contact him at all is slipping. Is there anything I can do to prevent me dreaming of him? It's been happening a lot more in the last few days. When I'm awake I can at least try and distract myself by various means...but what use is how much better I feel one day if by the next morning I feel worse again, because of a dream?

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