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Does she like me?


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OK there is this girl i am kinda fond of and have been for a year. last year I knew she liked me but we had some problems so nothing relly developed out of it. The situation is that she often asks me to go to dinner with her lately almost every other week, but i really can't understand if she likes me and neither can my friends. i am not too desperate I actually am runner up for drop dead gorgeus and best all around of my high school class, but I really like her. She even came to my rugby game once but I still can't understand her intentions because in school sometimes she even ignores me. What doyou think? Is she a datable option or not?

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i think men obviously give off signals like this too sometimes, and it sucks that we cant be ourselves completely and just show our emotions...id think she is into you...i just think as humans sometimes we lock up and are too afraid or nervous to show our true feelings. i guess its a fear of heartbreak, looking stupid? i dont know...but id say she likes you

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She is being smart, she isn't coming on too strong. If she was asking you everyday (like she might want to) you'd be turned off by it and abandon ship.


So accept a dinner (or better yet, be like, "youve invited me so much, how about I invite you")

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Hello rugby7,


Yes, it does sound like she has a thing for you.


Maybe her ignoring you is her playing hard to get, or just trying different things to get you to show the same kind of interest in her.


Now... do you really like her?


Also I like the suggestion made by Boughs. It would only be a simple date, and you could find out a little more about what's going on in her mind, and possibly make a decision on where you want to go from there.


If you don't want her, it might be an opportunity to nip it in the bud, before someone would really get hurt.


Good luck

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