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i'm back here again. confused. need advice

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Confused...need advice?




my bf and i been broken up for 2 month now and we been in contact on and off briefly.. we met once last month before i left for the country.. it wasnt a good meet cus seem as though he acted as if he still liked/missed me...and try to make out with me...but i didnt let him or anything. i ask if he would wanna be with me again and he siad possible in the future and i ask why? he said he needs a break now. ( we been through a lot of dramas in the relationship. lots of downs than ups) we had our good times too...but we argued a lot. and also he wants to make cook for me on my bday... i dont know how to deal with this? has this happen to any of u guys? and how did u handle it?



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hey thanks for the reply....well i never contact him when im online... he sometimes instant messages me and thats it. i hardly start convo.... so do i ignore him completely?


yeah i know.. i need someone who wants to be with me and makes me happy.. im planning on moving on and im not gonna sit around and wait for him... i mean we can talk or what not....but i guess thats it.. cus i dont wanna get confuse anymore......its hard to understand or to deal with.

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