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What are good conversation starters?


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I'm new at the whole dating game. I have always been lucky to have the women in my life go after me, so trying to go after them is something I am learning to do. Usually, all I needed to do was 'look good' around them and they usually came around. Now I think I've become to intimidating to women as I am older and wiser than before...

So my dilemma is that I have no clue how to approach women. I say Hi when I can, but as for starting a conversation, I feel I am sounding desperate as I search for things to talk about.

Any advice? what are good conversation starters?

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Hi Vampryr, It gets pretty weird if you're planning to memorise some conversation starters and then when you come upon someone you want to start a conversation with, you might have problem chosing the right one. I usually start conversation with the other party depending on the situation and what i think interest her.


the best I think that you should do is approach someone you know quite well, a close friend... female if possible. and tell her that you've problem starting up conversation with other girls and maybe you can practice abit with her. well, i dun think you should practice by talking to her about ur problem with starting conversation.


OR, you can just step right up to someone and introduce yourself. when it gets silent... you can tell her that you're interested in making friends with her, but unfortunately you're not too good at starting conversation or choosing topics and hopefully she can take the initiative to do so.


Good Luck to ya.



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first in conversation, questions stem from questions, and stories lead into other stories. when you try to get to know someone, i try to treat it like an interview in a pageant, except not as stressful. first, "tell me a bit about yourself" then from there any "judge" can get more questions to ask. like i would say "well i work at the YMCA" and the next question from my "judge" would be "how many years", "what dept" etc... see how it works. its kinda of like a twenty quetions game to figure out who they are, except the answers arent always yes/no, in fact try to avoid yes /no answers those are the most boring. hehe. but there is definitely no defined questions to ask, just the only i can think of is, "tell me a bit about yourself." hope it helps.

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Vampryr, I have the same problem, which I have yet to overcome. My past relationships have been both short and initiated by the woman. How old are you, btw? I feel pretty weird, because I'm a freshman in college who still has trouble initiating contact with women and developing relationships.

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