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My post is going to be long so please bear with me.


I met this guy in May and we dated till August. He was very into me,he called me up everyday, introduced me to his friends, told his family that he was seeing me. He went to england for work and called me up everyday from there. But in August I was moving away to a city that was eight hours away from his. A few days before I left I asked him what was going to happen to us to which he said that we did have a special thing going on and he enjoyed our time together, but the question he had to ask himself was what was holding him back? And he felt like he needed to figure out a lot of stuff before he took a relationship to another level - at the end of the day he said it wouldn't have been fair to me or him if we took our relationship to a step that he wasn't prepared for. I was heart broken but I did keep in touch with him and he would respond back and stay in touch as well.


Then in december i went back to the city where he lives. I have my friends and family there. I sent him an email telling him I will be in the city. He was very responsive to my email. He even told me that he was going to see his sister who lives in another state and asked me when exactly I was going to be in town and as soon as he came back to town he immediately emailed me telling me he was in town and that he wanted to know my schedule so that we could hang out. We hung out the first day causually but I could see him stare at me and at every given opportunity he wanted to hold my hand or me. The second day we got together we had sex. It all seemed very natural, like nothing had changed. While he was with me he knew a lot of things about what was going on in my life or atleast through what I used to put up on myspace. He asked me about my fall ball, he asked me about my blogs and he even knew what pictures I had on my picture section on myspace. It felt good to be with him but it also made me realize that I am hoplessely in love with him.


I came back to town and I started to feel miserable and I began missing him. I spoke to him about how I felt and we didnt talk about getting back together. He said he enjoyed hanging out with me and he was looking forward to hanging out with me the next time I was in town. This really pissed me off and I sent him an email saying : is this what you say to every girl you have dated when she comes back to visit you". I felt bad about it and then sent him another email telling him that I was sorry and that he has been very nice about the whole thing and I shouldnt have said things like that. To which he replied "I'm sorry if i ever hurt you...sometimes emotions get in the way (for both of us)...please only do what you feel comfortable with and i will support you in whatever you choose". So I replied back to him saying he hasnt hurt me in anyways and that I didnt want to lose him and that we will stay in touch and I will defintely see him when I am in town next time but there isnt going to be any sex......


I feel like I am back to square one. On one hand I want to forget him but I feel so much for him and on the other I feel like maybe we have a chance. I dont know.... I need advice on what you feel about this......

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it seems that he is not interested in pursuing a relationship... not right now anyway.


but it seems that he might be happy to be in a relationship when he feels ready. if he wasnt ready for a relationship with you in the same town then it would be even harder with long distance.


i would suggest that you date other people as it would be unhealthy for u to dwell on him. he clearly seems to like u, but not enough for a relationship. so perhaps just have fun with him with no expectations. and at the same time date others and if u and him come to be more in the future then so be it, but do not stop urself from meeting other men and having fun!

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