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Want a friend to set me up w/older guy...too weird??


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I was in a long-term relationship that ended about 4 months ago. I'm still working through the pain, but have found myself going out more and pushing myself to be socially active so I can meet more people, so I think that's helping me heal faster. The other day I went shopping at Saks with a friend of mine I used to work with. It turned out that she happened to know one of the guys who works in the men's department (they both used to live in San Francisco and he dated a friend of hers). He was so fine! Anyway, my friend told me he was single and incredibly nice. Would it be too weird for me to ask her to set us up?


One more problem: He is in his mid-thirties and I'm only 23. Even though I think age doesn't really matter, I think it would hinder her from setting us up....advice anyone?

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I definitely think you should go for it! You won't know what her reaction will be to your idea until you actually ask. Besides, she did mention that he was single, right? Maybe she did that on purpose


And if she isn't too fond of the idea, maybe she'll give you solid reasons for why you shouldn't date him (above and beyond her disapproving of the age gap), and then you won't be stuck pining for this guy.

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I think it sounds nice. You're only talking around a 10 year age difference. That's not a big deal. I don't think your friend will think the age difference is odd. Why would she? Besides, your friend already told you he's single and nice. That suggests to me that your friend thinks you and this guy might be good together. So no, I don't think your friend would object to setting you up. Certainly not because of age. Give it a try.

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