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Curious for you input ~ kind of long ~ UPDATE

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curious for your input ~ kind of long ~ Update




Update on this situation:


Well its been about a month and this past weekend, he got to me with the date and its this Sat. I am excited about it. It will be fun (I think) and educational (I am sure). Then there is this other weensy part of me that wants to vomit. Its not a date, or anything (at least it has not be advertised as such), but I still feel nervous. Is this normal? I hope so. If not then I will just have to deal with being abnormal lol.... Below is the OP.



Thanks for all your input!!!!!

Much love






Ok so I have a situation and I am not quite sure what to make of it. I work at a college as a behind the scenes staff member. I am not in any sort of disciplinary position or in any sort of authority position over the students that attend here. I have been here about 5 years and 2 years ago a student came in (he was friends with one of my student workers) and we chit chatted for a bit, and I found him extremely interesting. He seemed to be a very active sort of person with a lot of interests and we have a nice time chit chatting. I have since seen him on and about campus and we have since had a few lengthy conversations and he seems like a nice person who is very diverse and eager about life.


One night I was on upper campus in a parking lot and he passed by and I waved the next thing I know he is pulling into the lot and we chit chatted and I was on my way to lower campus (the opposite way he was going) and I was in high heels and it was Feb and gave me a ride to lower campus so I wouldn’t have to walk. That is just the sort of person he is.


So a few weeks ago I bumped into him in the computer lab and we chatted for a bit, and he complimented me on my glasses which I thought was nice. We discussed the symphony (he is in band and such) as I was going to the symphony the next evening and he was all like yeah I should go sometime. I responded with yes you should, its an incredible experience. I know the times I went its been amazing. During this discourse there was a lot of eye contact, and our bodies were facing each other. Good signs I know. There even felt like there was some chemistry, but I know my radar tends to be off.

That night he invited me to a dress rehearsal concert that was family only sort of event. He had written the opening piece for this performance. This actual opening night of this performance was a HUGE deal at our school and it a huge deal that he composed the opening piece. I planned to go, but circumstances prevented it. I did go to opening night though, and I saw him no big thing. A week or so later he comes into where I work and he “has a proposal for me”. He has 4 vouchers to go to the symphony and when he gets the dates for them wants me to check my calendar ~ presumably so we can attend together.


Like the dork I am I was like "oh that’s so cool" yadda yadda, but did not give him my number so he could contact me with the dates. DUH! I have since given my digits. I guess what I am curious about is it just all seems fuzzy to me. I don’t get it, is this like a friend thing, or what is it, what is your opinion??


I also want to say that he is a 20ish purpose driven sort of person, and one of my friends has worked with him said about him that is an intentional sort of person. She however is biased and thinks he likes me. What I would like is an unbiased opinion and your input would be much appreciated.




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Hello shygirl79,


It kind of sounds like you have made up your mind to get something going and maybe want affirmation: go for it.


Just start out slow, and let things take their natural course.


If things work out you will see plenty of his concerts, right?


You must feel like a "dork" for some reason, maybe for all the right reasons.


Personally, it sounds like it would be worth giving it a shot.


Good luck

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Thank you for that affirmation Jeffery. I appreciate it. Its kind of weird being in this situation again. I was in LTR for a long time and now even a year out of that it seems sort of strange to be doing this all over again.


There is another couple going along and that will be nice. There is also supposed to be a pre concert lecture that we are going to alone and will be good too I think. The other couple couldnt make it any earlier.


Now I just face the ever daunting task of finding something to wear. I am excited though. Once I get past the nervous knots in my belly, I will be even better........



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Hello again shygirl,


Hey, congratulations on your upcoming date.


Just an observation, but I think that some of your initial apprehensions might have just been a little too much analyzing on your part.


Now, that is no critisism by any means, (I tend to do the same thing myself, oh yeah.) But gee, look how things are turning out: so far so good.


Even serendipity seems to be playing in your favor. (They (the other couple) can't come until later.) so you will have some time alone together.


Also, the fact that you forgot to give him your phone number in the beginning, I think can play into your favor. (You wouldn't want to appear overanxious or anything, so that might have squashed any inkling of that.)


One thing, remember that we musicians can be temperamental (especially a composer) so you might play up the enthusiasm for his composition a little. I bet he will appreciate that, and it will put you in his camp from the start.


Gee, it's nice to hear that you are on your way, and I really hope things will remain on the high road for the both of you.


As far as something to wear... I like the green pattern shirt in your avatar and I could maybe lend it to you for the concert.


(Now, how did you get my picture? Friggin' papparazzi!) (Sorry, just a little comic relief to make you smile.)


Have fun, and best wishes.



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