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Fight for someone's love

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This is a doubt I have had for some time. In which cases can and should one fight for someone's love? I mean, I ocasionally notice women saying that they want men to fight for their love, but honestly, that's a little strange to me. Why do they ask to be fought for? Is it because she has to choose between 2 guys?


Is this something one can do to try and start a relationship, or restarting one...?


Also, what are the actions / gestures / thoughts that imply that X is fighting over for Y's love?


Thank you for you cooperation

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You know, I've wondered this same thing. A neighbor of mine is like that. She complains that her husband isn't fighting for her. He just tells her to go to her other lover.


I think it's a special circumstances kind of thing. I know it doesn't apply to me, so I shall just do NC as best I can..

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Hi there,


Perhaps other people's definitions are different but my take on "fighting for" one's relationship means "not giving up" on the relationship. It has little to do w/ having to choose between two guys who engage in physical brawl to attain one woman's love.


Instead, IMO, it has more to do w/ a guy giving his all to try and make the relationship work instead of throwing in the towel, so to speak.


For some, this guy's actions might be construed as tenacious and for others, obsessive.


Just my two cents. Hope this helps a bit?

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To throw another girl's opinion in, I also believe that "fighting for her" means giving her your all, and not letting go easily. To fight for your lady is to show her, in no uncertain terms, that you love her and can stand up to any challenge to win her back.


In my humble opinion, this is a great way to win your ex's heart-if she's still willing to give it to you. If she seems on the fence about things it's definitely worth a shot. Otherwise, it's best not to push the matter.

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So I assume that there is no "fighting for someone's love" if there is no relationship at all, is that it?


Nope, I would think not. Most women find it attractive in men that they fight for an existing relationship, but being overly persistent in pursuing someone you aren't in a relationship with is most often just annoying at best. If you're trying to win someones affection the push and pull approach works better, especially if it comes from a place of being genuine and sincere vs silly game playing and pretending.

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hmmm i think you cant really fight for someones love if there hasnt been any relationship before.....otherwise surely its just trying to impress or win them over.


To me fighting for someones love is doing whatever you think honestly and truly will give the love that you did once or do share a chance of success.

For example i once told my ex that i would be fighting for us by giving him space....it hurt me so much to stop contacting him but i knew in my heart that he had stopped loving me in the same way, he needed space to miss me and i knew that in my grief i was making things worse by being so needy. So, at that time for our particular circumstances, fighting for the relationship i desperately wanted to succeed in the future meant accepting that we needed time apart.


It really varies, often its continuing to hope for the relationship to get back on track, by making some sacrifices (e.g not taking that job that means you wont be home much) or it can mean doing your best to show them that you have changed (if that was needed) etc.


These are just my ideas....loco

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I think fighting for someone's love is a noble and chivalrous thing. I think it has a possibility of working if the girl is on the fencepost about you. But then you also have to TRULY work towards fixing your problems otherwise, the "fight for the lady's love" will get her back to you, but eventually she will leave again when the old problems reappear.


Relationships take work, not just chivalrous actions of "fighting for one's love".

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So I'll hit on your gf, then.


If you're talking to me man I have no gf. However, if I did have ne and you did hit on her then I would tell you to back off. If you didn't then I would tell you again. I would never try to start a fight but if a guy took a swing at me he would certainly get one back and I know how to hurt someone very, very badly. .

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