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Can any1 give me a bit of advice please?

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I feel so upset about not having my girlfriend anymore, its only a week but I cant stop thinking about her being with someone else in any form. I no in time I will get better but I also don’t understand why I am getting these mixed feelings like I have loads of reasons why I am so down but cant put my finger on them or put it into words on this site.


Whats wrong with me? I just want to feel happy again!!


Iam just so down and then i feel ok but down again and it seems like the down feelings and ok feelings last the same. They were short down and ok feelings and now much longer, whats going on? I feel like i dont no what i want to feel happy or sad, what is this?


Does anyone feel this or has felt it?

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i would leave it alone..


NC is very hard to do but it needs to be done.

if she wants you she will contact you..if not then it wasnt meant to be.. if you keep calling her or mailing her..she is gonna think one of two things.


1. that your a very needy person and that will creep her out or

2. your a puppet for her to pick up and drop whever the hell she feels like it.


she has asked you to stop calling her.. so leave it be.. hold your head up high and walk away.

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Hey there,


For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision to stay away from your ex and start NC.


In my humble opinion, I think her reason for wanting to give your relationship another chance -- i.e. her NOT wanting you to be with anyone else -- is a very selfish and misguided one.


Also, sorry to point this out but it seems like she gave you a BS reason for wanting to get back together. Yes, you admit that you guys had an argument over whether or not you were w/ someone else.


NONETHELESS, when she verified that you were, in fact, NOT with anyone else, she still chose to break up with you yet again, which indicates to me that perhaps her motives were not genuine.


Leewils, you are right: hard as it may be, you gotta take every day as it comes. I am glad that you are pushing through this ordeal with the right attitude.


Hang in there and stay strong, okay?


Please know we're here to help in any way we can.


Take care!

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Its hard to walk away..but trust me calling her over and over to get knocked back time and time again feels a lot worse.


sometimes you just have to walk away.. she knows where you are if she wants you she would contact you.. and if she does time will have passed..its suprising how you will change how you feel with a few weeks of not talking with her.


good luck sweetie

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Ach yes, those terrible rollercoaster feelings

Everyone has those desperate feelings of ohmigosh, what-have-i-done, what-if-i-never-find-someone-else-like-her, etc. etc.

BUT the good thing is, these feelings DO subside.

Just try to keep busy and your mind off her. Easier said than done, I know but we can't avoid having these feelings and it's not good to suppress them too much. So allow yourself to feel but distract yourself so that you don't get overwhelmed by them.


Hang in there!

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