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The bf and I met on a dating site for adults...it was recently mentioned in a trailer for a new Diane Keaton movie....for those of you on harmony or another...this site aint that. Anyway, for those of you who know we have been inseperable for 6 months except during the week when I come home about and hour and a half away and we talk or mail every chance we get. I went on the site last night to see if he had reactivated his site and he has. Now this has happened before and he told me he was just showing friends where we met (it is quite a colorful site!) I believed him and he was upset that he had upset me. Things are weird with his job which he prides himself and of course there I am sweeping up the ego to make him(?) feel stronger and to look at things in a different light etc. His ex works for the same very large company and broke up about a year before we met. She recently contacted him on 12/17 and 1/1 and he did not tell me about it. All I know about this woman is that she 'hurt' him badly and he did not trust her...takes one to know one? I just have this strange feeling that he is spending more time with her whether by phone or mail or whatever and of course not telling me. All of the above is causing me trouble in communicating with him as he knows something is wrong. Can anyone see what I am not?

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I can't "see" whats going on, but it does seem strange.


Pay attention to your gut. I think it is telling you something.


However, the more you pressure him, the less you will know.


You snoop because he has given you a reason to. Late night grocery trips, not telling you about ex calling.


You are going to drive yourself nuts trying to get to the bottom of this. Because you seem to know something is up.

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either ask him whats going on, and dont take some half hearted, non convincing explaination. Either it adds up, or it doesnt. 1+1 does not equal 3... so dont let him BS you.


Or, hire a PI to figure out whats going on.


Or realize you dont trust him, and just end it.

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