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Recently I got a surgical procedure done on myself. I had abdominalplasty. Through my recovery I expected my girlfriend to be there for me. In 2 weeks she has only came to my house 1 time and then there was 1 time in which I wen to her house even though I was in bandages.


For the last 1 and a half I have asked her why has she not made an attempt to come see me. Her answer is I don't drive. I admit she work 65 hours a week so that I understand. She also claims she is going through herself. Well she finally told me today what is wrong with her. Her docts have told her she may not have kids and a lot of other complications. Also her father is very sick and she is trying to spend more time with her family. I guess I am adding to her stress.


Today we had a big argument, we where on the verge of breaking up but she finally told me all this stuff today. She ask me why can't I understand. But how am I supposed to understand what she tells me nothing that is going on in her life. She says she is not obligated to. To me that seems like it would make things more confusing. Any thoughts from anyone on what I should do?

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Well i understand that its hard to know whats wrong with her when she doesnt speak to you but be easy on her have a kid is one of the most important parts of being a women and if she cant have one then im sure she is feeling very depressed and with her father being sick its even harder on her just give her some time and tell ehr ur there for her Good Luck



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