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Sexually Frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

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My girlfriend and me get on ok and but we've only been going out for about 10 months and the last 6 months I think we've had sex about twice a month maybe.


She has a problem with her menstrual cycle which means it goes on a bit longer, but she's so worried about it starting if we have sex that a few days either side of her period she won't have sex either. So we have a one week window each month it feels like. And we can only see each other at the weekend-


I'm patient I think. I understand. We do other stuff together as well, but it's usually her doing stuff to me and it feels like she's doing it because she feels guilty because we can't do anything. And it's all become a big mess and a bit of a turnoff.


We went to a romantic hotel for Christmas but we couldn't do anything and that's when it hit me how frustrated I was. Because she's really nervous about it and sex is a nightmare!!!! When we do have sex, when we're both relaxed and comfortable it's great. But it's just not enough for me.


I've told her and we've discussed it but that's only made it a big "thing". I feel like a sex crazed idiot and her selfesteem is getting affected as I get grumpier and grumpier.


Anyone experience this?

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It is worrying for a girl to think she might start bleeding during sex. It's happened to me actually, but my bf was very understanding. I mean, you can't help it!


Sound like you would be understanding too. Might just be a matter of your gf getting more comfortable with you. If you haven't already, reassure her it's ok and if it happens, it happens, just don't freak out if it actually does happen!


I also agree with Syrix. Your gf should see her doctor about her periods. Mine weren't bad or anything but after I went on the pill they have reduced in time dramatically (to only about 3 days) and you also know exactly when they're coming. That helps take the stress out of the sex/period situation for everyone

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go to the doctors together and talk about it.

the doc might say that sex does not make the menstral thing happen its just a bodily thing, and might give her some tablets to slow her dawn a bit.

but aleast going to a doctor together shows support and that u care.

these my friend are the building blokes for a life time partner.

'' face things together and always talk about whot bother's you''

too your girl, not your mates dawn the pub.

i tell my wife everythink, there's nothink we cant say to each other.

is it just sex or the real thing ''love''............................................

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if you and her use protection during sex, i don't see a higher chance of her getting pregnant before her period. Talk to her about it.


Sex does not make menstral thing happen at all. That is a myth, that is not what is taught in school or education at all. You should google up the menstrual cycle and show it to her. The menstrual cycle happens every month to shed the lining of the uterus if there is no baby. It happens naturally, not because of sex. lol..i think you should take her to see a the doctor or sex conseullor to explain to her the menstrual cycle so she can stop worrying about it. I never heard something like that in my life

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