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Should everything be okay with my mom's surgery?

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My mother is having two large tumors (non cancerous) in her ovaries removed next weekend. She says it's going to be fine, but that is a 'major surgery,' and it's scary when it's put like that.


Could she die? That's all I want to know. Because it's scary to know it's a major surgery even though it's not on a major organ.





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Is she getting a hysterectomy, or just the tumors removed? If your mom is in pretty good health and the doctor has a good reputation in terms of doing surgery like this and the hospital is reputable, then you shouldn't worry about things.


I understand though why you worry. She is your mom and you love her and worry her. Two years ago, my dad fell and cut himself above the eye and had to have surgery. I was living in Milwaukee at the time and I was worried about him even though he was at one of the best hospitals in his area and was not seriously injured.


Good luck. Do you have anybody who you can turn to, to be there for you in this time of need?

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I guess it is called "major surgery" because she will be put under, be given antibiotics, and it is pretty invasive. Actually, I consider cosmetic surgery (nosejobs, face lifts, boob jobs) also major surgery.


(((HUGS))) i hope your mom is just fine. maybe bring her some flowers when she is done with the surgery.

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Oops, I meant her uterus, not ovaries. When I typed that I remember thinking that didn't sound right.


Her health I think is okay... but she doesn't sleep much at all because of her job. She used to get 3-4 hours of sleep every day of the week plus a couple hours of a nap in the day but now she is getting 5-6 hours and a nap before work which is good. And I think she has high blood pressure.


It's sad because it's something she's been putting off for a loooong time... so they are tumors the size of a grapefruit and an orange I think she said. She doesn't look like something's coming out of her, but they're too big to wait now.


I think the hospital she's going to should be good, but to be honest I'm not sure which one. I don't think there's bad hospitals around here, though. The surgeons though I'm completely not sure.


She was telling us a couple of months ago she'll probably have to stay overnight for a bit because she "doesn't handle surgery well." I don't know what that means, but I remember when she's needed things done, she's stayed there for a bit, even with the birth of my little brother 13 yrs ago. So that kind of worries me...


Thanks so much you guys!

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I know what she means. Some people don't handle surgery well at all, meaning that she may have problems with the anesthesia, etc. The last time I had surgery, I didn't handle the anesthesia as well as the surgical procedure really well (ear and nose surgery to correct hearing and breathing problems) and I had to stay overnight in the hospital for observation.

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With not handling it well, could it kill someone? Or are they just weaker afterwards, or it just needs that-- to be watched?


btw, is your icon from Vegas?? I forget what hotel I was walking through; I think Cesar's Palace, and the ceiling had that on it!

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Whenever there is surgery/anesthesia involved, there is always a very small risk of death. BUT I really don't think you have to worry about that. Your mother sounds like she is in very good health, and if anything, even minor, goes wrong, she is in the best place she could be: with a team of specialists whose attention is completely on her. I'm sure she is going to do very very well.


I remember being nervous when my mother got surgery when I was little (general anesthesia), so hugs to you, good luck, deep breath and don't worry. Everything will be fine!

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Xmrth, you are correct, my icon is from Las Vegas. The Bellagio, to be exact (I was out in Vegas for the Christmas holidays). It is the ceiling scuplture by Chihuly. Very cool and magnificent.


If your mom is in good health, and she has some problems with the anesthesia, it may mean that she has to stay in the hospital overnight because of dizziness, etc. Because of my height and weight, sometimes the anesthesiologist has a hard time determing how much anesthetic I need and sometimes they tend to go on the smaller end of the scale (less anesthetic). With me, they didnt give me enough anesthetic and I kind of woke up in the middle of the surgery. I wasnt in pain, but I could feel them working on my ear. When the anesthesiologist saw that I was awake, he turned up the anesthetic and I went back to sleep but then I had problems later on with that.


I am not trying to scare you. If your mom is pretty healthy, even with anesthetic problems, there is nothing to be afraid of or to be worried about. They monitor everything VERY closely during surgery.

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How old is she? The older you get the more risk there is with having a general anesthestic. I'm not sure what she means by not handling surgery well but sometimes people may take longer to wake up afterwards, people may have a mild reaction, people may be weakened/feel sick for several days afterwards. If this is the case then she should be closely monitored and remain in recovery for longer than normal and then be closely monitored on a ward. I would think if she's having surgery on her uterus she would be in hospital for a good few days. I wouldn't think you'd be discharged the day after even if there weren't complications.


As with all medical procedures there are always risks, which the surgeons should explain before she signs the consent form. These include the anesthestic, bleeding and infection. These are small risks though. I'm sure she'll be fine.

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She's in her early 40's. I was talking to her about it and she said that it's just that type of surgery, but she has said that she doesn't handle it well. She might have meant something else in that case but I'm not sure.


It's weird now because the morning she has surgery, I'm going to be working nearly accross the street from the hospital she's in-- I just found out it was that one right near my job. And I'll be there right when she's getting it done... it's going to be really uncomfortable. I just hope it will all be okay..

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I was thinking about it, but I will probably be able to handle it... just that it will be on my mind so much. I only have a hour workday that day, but I just found something out-- the hospital she's going to isn't the one accross from my work after all, but in the same town. I think... because there's supposedly two hospitals. Anyway I'm going to pretend it's at another one so I can concentrate... I can visit right when I get out of work though which is good.


I talked to my mom and my dad about it tonight and it helped, but I'm still so nervous... I can't stop thinking of how much I've taken for granted and things like that... I'm still going to be worrying even when she's home. She'll have to stay downstairs (1 floor house, but finished basement-- their bedroom, too) and it will feel sad... she'll have to avoid stairs for weeks because of where it is..

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