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I worry about what people think about me

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I have a strange question.I went to see a comedian perform down in a Chicago theatre. I had seen this person perform at a Ren Fair close to me since I worked there over the summer. I used to talk to him behind scenes every so often. I decided to go watch him perform here and pay $20 for a ticket. I have a feeling he must think I am weird or something.

I dont know how to put it, I dont like people thinking bad of me or think I am weird. While I worked at the fair, I would talk to him every so often, tell him things, ask him how he got into performing, etc. I never really bothered him, or I would always ask him if I was bothering him when I approached him and he said no.


At the show, I showed up half hour before show started. There was a good sized crowd there for the small theatre. I saw his assistant there selling shirts for him. His assistant is a nice teenaged boy and he likes talking to me. So, I hung out with his assistant while he sold shirts and talked to his assistant. His assistant told me he could get me a shirt for free if I wanted one and I said yeah, that would be good. The performer did pop out his head for a minute before show started but he didnt come out to talk. I ended up sitting with his assistant inside the show. The show was great. During intermission, I hung out and talked to his assistant.


After the show, I hung around to say "hi" to the performer because his assistant and another girl who was helping them out said he would be happy if I said hi to him. His assistant then told me that he would ask him if he could give me a shirt for free. I was like" oh you dont have to, dont worry about it" I am not like that. I dont go after free things from people and I didnt want the performer to think I did. I have never been like that. The assistant insisted and went and asked the performer. He told him no since it was the last of his stock. I felt real stupid about that. I did end up buying a shirt and having the performer sign it, and I did talk to him for a bit.


I feel like a heel and I feel stupid about the shirt since now I think the performer thinks I wanted a free shirt and a free ticket from him. I also dont think he likes me since maybe I talked to him too much at the fair. I did give him a good tip sometime during the fair, $20. When he passes the tip hat around after each show, most people give about a buck. I dont know. I may see him again, if I go up to the fair out in CA when I am out there in Oct.


Am I nuts for thinking this way? That is why I never ask people for favors. If I get shot down, then I feel stupid. Do you guys think I am nuts for thinking this way. I just freak about how people think about me and his assistant was really nice to me and tried to get me a free ticket and a free shirt. I wasnt out to do that, and now that performer must think I am

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I think you're thinking about this whole thing WAY too much, and blowing it outta proportion. You're wildly guessing at what this performer is thinking, when I'm pretty sure he's not thinking anything of the sort, except maybe that he was happy you liked his show so much you came to see him again. If you're not going to see him on a regular basis, don't worry about it, it's not that big a deal.

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The only reason I worry is because I dont want people to think bad of me, and I didnt want him to think I was looking for a free shirt or a free ticket to the show. During the run of the fair, I got to know him and talk to him behind scenes. He was fun to chat with and full of information about things.


I may see him again if I go up to northern CA in October where is he is doing a 9 week performance. I will be in southern CA in Oct for a wedding.


I think I mostly felt embarrassed that his assistant wanted to give me a free shirt and when he asked the performer, he said no, and I felt stupid for being in the middle of that.

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Dearest Guinea,

One thing I learned is that never to over analyze situations. And really it's nothing to really worry about. We all tend to have of moments, I know I have. But there's nothing you can do but to learn from your mistakes. Whoever this performer is, really there are a million and one people who have also talked to him and had awkward moments. Honey it's nothing to be stressed about. Live, learn and move on. Mar is right it's no biggie.

Not everyone is going to be hooked up with favors and freebies, shrug it off. But I do recommend giving random acts of kindness and not take take take so much because it'll return to you three fold and magick will happen.

Be well,


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