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So this girl and I have been friends for a few years, and I liked her about a year ago, but she turned me down. About 2 months ago we were both bored and i jokingly invited over to my house, but she came. We started watching a movie in my room but by the end we were just talking really close together with me rubbing her back. Ever since then whenever we get together we can't stay away from eachother, even if its just hanging out with a big group of friends. She'll start things out by putting her legs accross my lap or play hitting me, or Ill just go sit down next to her and just inch closer. After a while each time we end up very close under a blanket with her head on my chest or other things like that and it began driving me crazy, because i wasn't sure exactly what was going on.


So about two weeks ago I flat out asked her if she liked me, and she said no. I don't think she was being truthful though. There are some other factors (we're both going to college in a few months) as well. So after that we didnt talk very much for a few days, then the group of friends got back together and what do you know we were on eachother again.


Everytime we get together we progress a little further and further, and I really don't know what to do. Any advice on my situation? Thanks.

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My take on this: she likes you and wants to be with you but realizes that you are both going away soon and doesn't want to get hurt. She is in a delimma situation.


What to do? Just go along for the ride until the ride leaves. Don't get too emotionally involved. Keep it light and enjoy each other's company. Don't ask questions like "do you like me?"

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