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What Do I Do??!!

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To make a long story short, I have been seeing this guy for about 2.5 months now.


He is nice but can be a real jerk sometimes. Since I have been talking to him, there has been this one girl who constantly calls him all the time!! HE hangs up on her,


I mean this girl calls him every 5 minutes and he just cusses her out, calls her names, tells her that she is a piece of tihs and she needs to die, I mean he is so rude to her, but she doesn't stop calling him!!



I have talked to her once and asked her why she is calling him and she says because she can...I know he has done favors for her coz he said she just got evicted and needed to get her babys' stuff from outside. I think there is something I don't know about this whole story something is not adding up!



THis girl is really crazy, he said she has convinced herself that he will be with her! I want to get ahold of her number and tell her what I need to tell her, and guaranteed she will never call him back.




BUt I am not stupid either, I know that he probably likes this drama and calls this psycho woman because I have caught him talking to her when I am not in the room. When I walk in she will be like why did you call me? (meaning he calls her back) blah blah...I am getting really tired of this, He says he wants to change his phone # but can't do it right now. urghhhh what do I do?



I can go through his phone and get the number myself and call her to hear what she has to say....

to me she sounds like a scorned lover...(although he says he has never done anything with her....) who is indesperate need of attention and will do anything. She would do anything for him I am sure. I hate drama and I try to live my life drama free but this is really bugging me



someone please HELP!! WHAT DO I DO?!!

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Tell him to tell you the whole story. Does he have a kid with her? find out what is really going on between them. From your story I get the feeling that he might be hiding some kind of secret that he shares with that scorned woman. Dont try to call her because she might tell him that you have been harrasing her and blah and just dont dig a hole for yourself. Dont stoop to her level and just ignore her. First question your guy and find out the truth and if nothing comes out then tell him that you can't stand drama and want out of the relationship. Tell him that you dont want a relationship of 3 people but of two and if he can't end the drama well cut him short and leave. You can try to be his friend but first of all find out what he's hiding with this woman.

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