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Me and my ex went on a date a week ago and again a few days ago and it was very nice.We had a lot of fun, we even hugged and kissed eachother a couple of times.After the date she texted me to say that she had a great time and wished me good night.Today she sent me an animation with a liitle heart via text...two times.I responded via text also.Here is the convo:

Me managed to surprise me...nicely.

Her so glad,..here is another heart from me.

Me must of made an impression the other night.Here is one for you to keep you warm.

Her you It's not only because of the other night...

Me is not? I don't know what to say...But the past couple of days were very interesting.

Her: Oh my... I also had a lovely and good time with you.We must do it again.

Me shall see about that when I return home from school in a couple of weeks.I love it when I influence you positively.

Her: Me to I don't want to be a bother so I'll say bye.Hear ya!



I want to know what do you guys and girls think about this.We broke up 5 months ago after a fight,she wasn't in love anymore etc. We remaind FWB for two months and then she decided to just stay friends.I moved to another city due to school and this holiday we had a major fight over some issues, said very very nasty things to eachother but after a couple of days we apologised to eachother and went on these two dates.Now I'm confused and would like to hear some suggestions on what to do next.I care about her but I'm not blinded by her sudden sweet talk.


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well, flirty contact with an ex can mean something or nothing at all... the only way to handle this is to decide what you want, and talk to her about it... one person can just be happy you are talking again, while the other person wants the relationship back... so better to get it out into the open rather than just try to guess what all this means...

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Be very careful, I don't want to disappoint you, but I spend two weeks hanging out with my ex having her tell me similar things like she was having so much fun, she started hugging me goodbye, etc. (we had been broken up for 2 months). It turns out that she was just being friendly, and the way she was acting around me was just the way sure was used to acting out of habit. I let myself get my hopes up and the other day I was crushed. Just guard your heard, maybe your situation is different, but don't assume that it is right away. Sorry to be a downer, but I don't want you to have to experience what I have, Good luck!


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