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Heh. What else is new.


Just before Xmas I contacted my ex, saying I was ready to have some LC. (We broke up in late October after a nearly 3 year long relationship.) So, we email back and forth and he goes off to Texas to see his parents. The night before he leaves, he calls and we have a nice conversation. And I didn't think I'd hear from him until after the New Year.


But NOOOOOOOOOO -- Xmas Eve, he sends me this sappy email saying how much I mean to him and Merry Christmas.


Now, I recognize this was not a proposal to get back together. But I got sucked back in. So I sent him a few emails and then called him a day after he got back. He was sick and when he's such, he doesn't like to deal with people. Anyway one more email exchange later and here I am sitting, feeling hurt he hasn't called or emailed since last Wednesday.


I am such an idiot. He's a good guy, just not long term committed relationship material. And he doesn't owe me anything. This is my fault because I broke NC too soon. So, it's back to NC and licking my wounds. I really do hope after time has passed we can be friends. I'm not bitter, but obviously I need to take care of myself right now.


Thanks for listening.



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Stay strong, learn from what you are feeling now, and feel it, do not re-act to it by reaching out to him again.. let it go... for today, no contact, one day at a time, a deal you make with yourself, for yourself.. it's his loss, and if he doesn't realize it, then he's not THEE one... the best is ahead of you, not behind you....

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Oh, I have done the same thing before and it sounds like you have learned, I am with Blender just don't compound it by any more contact. I am beginning to learn from reading these posts how NC TRULY is for oneself. It protects you while you heal, without it we are just so vulnerable to more heartache.

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YOUR already the girl who's getting away... good for you.. he will either discover in time that he has to make an intentional respectful effort if he wants your attention again.. or he's too lazy and not sure and not mature, and not worthy of YOU... good riddens..say goodbye to indesicive HIM and hello to the new powerful, classy, independent, self respecting YOU.

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