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When I started my relationship with my bf. I started to use the patch. Then I found myself crying all the time. I'm the kind of person, that would only cry when I got angry. But, with the patch I was all tears no matter what. So I got off that. I'm on the pill now and have been WAY better.


Yesterday, my bf and i had a conversation, and he says, I always get upset or LOOK like I'm going to cry when he has to leave. And that I can't be soo emotional that is not healthy for me or the relastionship. He'll ask me, if I'm going to cry and I tell him no. If my eyes get irrated he assumes I'm going to cry even if I'm not. And I dont' want him to think I'm always crying when I don't. I don't get upset when he leaves but, i do get a little sad and i told him this.


But, sometimes i do feel I'm too emotional, is there anything I can do to stop that? I think it also, might have something to do that, all I did was focusing on him and our relationship and I had nothing to do during the day just to think about him. And now I will actually have a job again. So I expect things to be better.


But, FYI , with my ex, everytime he left I would always cry. But, it wasnt' until i started to take birth control pills that I noticed that the crying started. I'm not taking the same pills now they are different. So could be still some kinda side affect from the pills that makes me so emotional? Or is just me?Thanks.

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Why do you cry every time they leave?

Do you think that something will happen on their desination to wherever and they could get in an accident?

I don't understand why you would cry every time they left.


Well, with my ex I did cry. It was whole big mess with that relationship. He was like legally separated but, not divorced. he was living at home with his parents his ex wife and daugther. So I guess I felt like when he was going home he was going home to her so I didn't want him to leave me.



With my new bf. I haven't cried when he leaves, he just says it looks like I get upset. I get a little sad, but nothing like major. Well, i dont like seeing him go. Like on thursday, it was my 21st b-day and spent my whole day at home alone until he got off work and went to dinner. So I admit I didn't want him to go because, i only saw him for 3 hours and hadn't seen him all week. But, I didn't cry or anything. I just wanted to spent more time with him.


Plus, we went from seeing each other everyday, to just a couple of times a week when he got his promotion. And now that I'm starting my job, I feel like I'm going to see him less. And he just told me yesterday, he wants to get a another job on sat and sunday to pay off his credit cards. So it makes me wonder if he will have time for me. Eventhought he said it wont change anything.

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