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Extended Family Drama

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I'm not an expert, but it sounds like she might even have some mental illness or personality disorder. Do you think she needs help? If so, does she have other family memnbers who can help her (ie, her husband or own kids?). Maybe you should talk to them.


Assuming she isn't mentally ill, I think you guys need to cut her out of your lives as much as possible. If you honestly feel that this email she sent you was 'just another one of her tricks', then it was right to delete it. You should only welcome her back if you really feel that she is turning over a new leaf.


In a way, these family problems can be like troublesome lovers - you keep vowing not to contact them, but then when you do you get hurt again. Family members can be equally bad.

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Wow, what a character.


You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your relatives.


She sounds like a very self-centered person. She will ignore common courtesy, but when something strikes her as wrong or unjust, she is most incensed about it.


I have come accross all too many of these kind of people.


Personally, I would tell her what you see in her point blank; although, these people are usually the last one who will realize the way they are.


Hopefully, it won't wreck your relationship with your cousin. (Actually, you may tell this woman something that your cousin only wishes he could say, so you might be doing him a favor.)


What about your cousin, what does he say about her?


I would tell her the truth, (after all, you are not the only one who feels this way about her).


Unless she made some profound changes, I would write this person off. It doesn't sound like there would be any love lost.


Good Luck

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I have not spoken or seen her husband- my cousin in 4 years. Thats when we were in their area. He was equally pissed that we called them.

I have no contact with anyone in her family, my Moms entire family cut us off and shes the only person who calls time to time. She never mentions anything about how we were cut off and she 100% knows about it.

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