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A practice I've never heard of

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A woman I was chatting with recently told me about a sexual practice she enjoys. I'd never heard of this, but it's sort of an intriguing idea. She says she wants a guy to masturbate outside of her, with the tip of his member just touching/bumping her clitoris. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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See now, you aren't as 'off' as you think with this stuff. (I was just reading your thread...)


Oh I have ideas. If there's one thing I can do, it's come up with new and creative things to do in the bedroom. Finding someone who can appreciate it and not get freaked out by it, that's what worries me. This act is pretty tame by my standards. And no, that's not bragging.

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Geez, I'd find you interesting. I like trying out new stuff, although I haven't had someone in my life in over a year.


You must be one cool dude.

Er... not sure if this was directed at me or someone else. I'm going to assume it was me just cause my post was the one that preceeded yours. That being said...



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Wow, thanks for all the replies everybody! Actually, I'd been assuming it was some kind of safe sex practice, because it avoided penetration. But it certainly does sound like fun. Actually, pretty much any practice that involves an attractive woman sounds great to me.


(And Quietgrl, I'm still e-mailing women on that one adult dating site, and getting occasional replies. No in-person meetings so far, but I did get as far as talking with one on the phone. Funny story... I've spotted one woman advertising right here in my little town who looks suspiciously like my neighbor's wife. Obviously I'm not e-mailing her! And I hope your search is going well also!)

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Your neighbor's wife is looking for some action on the side wow. .I'm sure you'll find more women in your area soon and don't worry about me.My virginity path is total differant then yours so i won't be losing my virginity anytime soon or finding a husfriend or husband.I guess when it comes to dating,relationship and sex nothing will change for me this year but other things in my life that's another stories so ask away.

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