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Need input on this, seriously!!

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Im a business graduate and have been working in very neutral fields so far like Hr, admin, customer service etc.

I'm thinking of doing a Masters; in Project Management.The course suits me, and somehow i feel like its something id be interested in.


Problem is: I dont have a background in IT or engineering!

Can anyone give me feeback or input on Project Management, and what sort of jobs i would be able to get/apply for?!



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At the insurance company I work there are two paths to becoming a project manager: you have done a few years of business analysis or developing applications and have a PMP or CAPM designation or or you have several years of experience as a business analyst, team leader, or senior developer. That's how I did it.


You can get a CAPM designation which is good for people who don't have enough project management experience for a PMP but want to go down that road. Check link removed.

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Well, I'm not an expert on education, but I do now that at companies I've worked for in the past and present, they looked disfavorably on someone who was over educated with little or no job experience in their field.


i.e. - a person with a masters would be respected if they had several years on the job experience in that field before getting their masters. If they had the masters first with little or no on the job experience in that field, they were considered as unattractive paper tigers to the employers I worked for. Medium size companies tend to be very practical, more than larger companies. They don't want someone who they consider a paper tiger. Perhaps a large company wouldn't care.


I'm on good terms and friends with (and an employee or former employee of) many heads of local medium size companies in my area and they've told me these things with regard to their hiring practices.


i.e. - how can you be qualified to manage people or projects if you've never worked on the job at those type projects yourself? Education is like a flight simulator. On the job experience is actual hours of flight experience (so to speak).


Now please don't anyone flame me. I'm just passing along what I've heard at work many times over the years.

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