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He recieved the poem!


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Hey all!


Here is the link to the poem i sent him:


link removed


Update! Well, i called my former roommate, the suspense was killing me. I call him him up (he was at work) and i said, "hi."


He was like "oh hey" (like awkward, yet still willing to talk to me tone).


I was like, "i have a quick question and all i want is a yes/no answer please."


He was like "alright"


I said, "Did you receive some mail from me?"


He said, "ummm yeah..." like i don't know...the way he said it...*sighs*


I can't explain the way he said those two words...i wish you all were me at that moment.


So i said bye and hung up. I just made it to my suite before i broke down crying. (I was using my landlord's phone as i don't have my own yet).


I didn't want to know if he liked me back or not at this point in time, only if he received the poem.


I have my answer, he did receive the poem. And then i called him later that night (he was still at work), and i called him before i started work).


I said "hi"


he was like "hi"


And i said, "i was wondering if there was any messages for me at your number because i am expecting a call."


He said "i am at work"


I repeated, "did anyone call?"


He said, "yeah someone so and so called."


And then i said "thx you have a good day at work"


He said, "thx you too!"


And we hung up. I was wanting to tell him, that if he didn't want to talk during work, he would not have answered his phone. But i didn't.


But the way he said "i'm at work" was soo curt...not like him.


But i am going to leave him alone now and wait for him to contact me...but i have a feeling he will not. I am not going to talk to him at all, not on msn or phone or anything. So i guess we'll see. But *sighs* I wish he did like me back.


I really don't think he likes me.


can anybody by chance give any insight to what he is thinking by these two conversations? Specifically males, but females go for it too!


And i know i should have waited until he contacted me. But i had to know. Sorry guys...but there it is.


Your advice/suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated.


Thank you very very much!





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oOkay...I was just in your position. I liked a guy in my class for a few weeks. I was completely gushing over him. Practically wanting him to be with me, as much as you want this guy to be with you. You seem kinda forward with him. That you're rushing into things. And it's natural that you are, since when I was in your position I was rushing into things too. I was practically asking my sister the same thing you're asking us here at eNotAlone. Dont worry, it's natural. It's not like you're acting like no one else has.


It's a good thing to not talk to him for awhile. If he's interested in you he'll call, and I know you're really frightened that he wont call, and I know how that feels. You cant keep going to him, and calling him. You cant pour yourself out to him because if things dont work out, you'll look back on it, and just be embarrassed at the way you handled the situation.


If you're interested into hearing what I did to handle the situation is...I just simply gave up on him all together. I stopped contacting him, I stopped liking him, I stopped everything. The whole package. Eventually he caught on, and he knew I didnt like him anymore. Hehe, amazing thing is, he's now trying to get my attention. He's being loud in class, he's causing trouble, he's just doing stupid things in front of me that he usually doesnt at all. It's actually quite funny...Oh, and entertaining.

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I think you may be over reacting just a bit, and that you have not really given him sufficient time to respond to you. I know that it is difficult for you, you poured your heart out and put it all on the line, and you have not heard back. Please, understand that he is at work, and myabe he just has not had the time to speak to you in the way that he wants to. I would think you would be more appreciative of that than if he just said no and hung up or something. I know you are suffering a lot of stress, but give it some time and I am sure that whatever his feelings on the subject are, the two of you will get some time to discuss it soon. Take care and hope things work out.

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Hey well yeah its me again.....heh


But from the conversations i think he just isnt quite ready to tell you if he likes you or not... So i also think your doing the right thing not talking to him and waiting for him to call or write you. But your not going to want to wait to long cause what if he is thinking the exact thing you are....Ex ("i dont know if i want to call her i think ill wait for her to call me again and then ill tell her my answer)....so to me wait mabye a week or so and if no conversation goes on then call him up before he thinks you have forgot about him.


Hope this helped you out alot....and ill see you on aim sometime tomorrow





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