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What you do now versus then

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Would you have seen yourself doing (or being interested in) what you do now 5 years ago, or have you always sensed that what you are interested in now was going to happen?


For example, 5 years ago if you were to ask me if I enjoyed school the slightest bit, I would have said No. But where I am at now, I enjoy it more than I used to.


I apologize if the question is difficult to understand. If you need more clarity, just ask.

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I have been into the medical field since I was young. I used to read my mothers first aid books cover to cover regularly just for fun when I was young. I do my dream job now. It took me years of hard work and perseverence to get here and I don't plan on doing anything else.

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Would you have seen yourself doing (or being interested in) what you do now 5 years ago, or have you always sensed that what you are interested in now was going to happen?


Yes--I was interested in doing what I do now 10 years ago. Out of high school and up until my junior year in undergrad, I had NO idea what I wanted to do. I dabbled with race horses on the race track. I was on the path to becoming a jockey. Then I switched gears when I was 22 and decided to pursue a career in healthcare. I went back to professional school at 25. I don't have any regrets. I love what I do because it's rewarding and mentally stimulating AND I still have a lot of time to dabble with my four-legged ungulates!

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Back when I was 15, I was quite certain I was headed for a degree in music. Now, I am doing nursing and thinking about advancing into medicine after I graduate. I wasn’t really keen five years ago, but reckon it just grew on me, and now, it’s all good.


I am still into music and drawing. But five years ago, my musical skills surpassed my drawing abilities. Since I went to college, my musical skills started to undermine. My artworks went from blah to satisfactory though, at least to me. I can express myself better with my artworks now than with music.


In addition I did not expect to have a strong bond with my bro. Five years ago, we lived our own lives.

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Five years ago, I thought I'd be in college for something I wouldn't be able to get a decent job with, like history, philosophy. That was my plan. OR to become an accountant, following my mom's footsteps and all.


Now, I want to be in an engineering program. I actually WANT and LIKE a major. That's huge. I never really had a sense of my future, until recently.

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Wow, the past 5 years have been a pretty wild ride. 5 years ago I was in a community college taking general courses, working part-time, and spending lots of time with friends. I was leaning towards psychology as a field of work as well. My grades were average at best. I got my associates degree with a 2.5/4.0 average. I partied quite a bit with the wrong crowd, and was pretty lazy in general.


I began to hear the same old message from people: "Dammit P, you have so much potential." I really didn't understand what they ment, but then I started to mature I guess and apply myself.


Since then I have graduated from University with honors with a degree in economics (slight change from psychology), accepted to law schools but opted not to go, and now work as a consultant with hedge funds and the banking industry. Within the next few years I'd like to re-apply to law schools, and plan on going if I can get accepted to a good program, but who knows, I might be married and a dad in a couple of years for all I know.


I have to say that I had many ups, as well as quite a few downs in the past 5 years. I shared pain, and I had joy. But I learned a great deal about myself, and I still have a lot to learn.

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I was never one to plan. Ive always done what felt right at that time. So its hard to say if Im where I thought Id be. I guess Im a bit surprised at how well Im doing in school. I never was, then again, I never really tried. Geesh- Im not making myself look really good. Im happy with what Ive done though in the last five years. Ive really gotten my act together and I like the women Ive become. I do have hopes for the next five years. But Im open to change.

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A couple things I wouldn't have expected are that I'm 24 and living at home with my parents. I was so glad to be out of their home when I went off to college, plus I loved the dorm atmosphere and made lots of new friends. At the time I turned 21, I was certain I would always be around my friends, living on my own or with roommates, and always just a hop and skip away from a party or a bar or some other kind of social setting. But then I graduated, got a job offer in the city nearest to my hometown, and didn't have enough saved to find an apartment on my own. So I ended up moving back home. Some parts of it have been nice, the not paying rent part especially, but it's my goal this year to move into my own place.


The other thing I'm shocked has happened to me is my relationship with my boyfriend. Five years ago, I had major commitment problems and believed very much in enjoying my freedom and taking time to understand myself without the burden of being with someone. But now, I'm so happy to be with one person and am so glad that he is who he is. It's been about a year and a half, and once in a while I get a little nostalgic for the time when I was single but overall, it's nice being in a commited and sane (most important) relationship.

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Five years ago my partner of 10 years just up and left and I was devastated. He would have been gone a month today (five years ago). I was working in a job on quite a low pay, for a boss who was a terrible bully. Working on a PhD in my own time that I had to take a break from because my brain didn't work post-breakup.


Now am in a job on something like three times the pay of five years ago, and have had another two jobs between this one and the horror of five years ago. Am in the same field but a completely different type of organisation. The PhD is a mere memory - completed 2002. Am relatively recently married to a fabulous man and we're currently looking to start a family and are buying a house.


Nup, never would have seen it five years ago, any of it. I think five years can feel like a lifetime.

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