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Can I get some advice on this - hopefully from someone who suffers from stuttering or is very familiar with it.


I work with someone who stutters and deal with him verbally on a daily basis. Sometimes it is hard to understand and I usually know where he is going with what he is saying so I am tempted to finish his sentances for him. I'm not sure if that is insulting or not. He is a very nice man and I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings or disrespect him.

At this time I am just hearing him out but I would like to speed things along a bit.


Any advice - finish words/sentances or just let him struggle through it.

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I had a friend whom stuttered as a child/teen (they eventually were able to learn techniques to control it for the most part) and I know they hated when people finished sentences for them. I can see why, because to me it is no different than if I am talking, pause mid sentence and someone finishes it for me, it's just a bit annoying. He really also wanted to be able to get the words out, so it was frustrating when people interrupted him.


Sometimes stutterers however can be so focused on getting one word out, that is why they get stuck, and changing the word helps, or just taking away the importance of it helps. If is possible for you to answer without interrupting the thought pattern, or to make sure you are not seeming impatient, it can help considerably make them more comfortable about it.


They know they are stuttering, and sometimes feeling pressure makes it worse!

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I actually stutter..

its not that bad.. its mostly anxiety related. Speeding up is the last thing you wanna do because it is gonna put more pressure on him to finish the sentence. but finishing the sentence is good.. I dunno why.. but ppl like me who stutter, after we hear what wanna say we say it without a problem.. like when you finish his sentence .. he can probably say it after you with no problem...

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Stuttering started for the first time for me only recently. Not having my usual recourses for when I am extremely upset frightened or anxious, it starts up occasionally.


I'm curious about the origins of stuttering now. But that is a tangent, I think.


Anyhow, speaking for myself, I've preferred when others have allowed me to finish what I have to say. Or just give me a second to catch my breath. Breaking the tension or switching direction slightly does help.


Because mine only acts up in relation to anxiety or fear, the worst case scenario is for others to bring more speed and pressure into the situation.


Good question.

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Most people who stutter do not want you to finish sentences for them although most people think they are helping by doing so. The Stuttering Foundation of America gives a list of things to do when communicating with someone who stutters on their web site. I have several uncles and cousins who stutter as well as some of our son's friends. We follow the Foundation's recommendations and have found that when we slow our own speech down and act as if we had all the time in the world for a relaxed conversation, those who stutter do so less or not at all. One of our son's friends made the comment "I never stutter when I'm here any more. Why can't I do this at home and school?" Look under "Brochures for all ages" on the Foundation's web site and find the one about How to React to Someone who Stutters.



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I know some people who stutter, and they do so more when they are pressured or stressed out. So, I think just letting him talk and being polite and calm, that may help him feel more relaxed and maybe not stutter as much.


Thank you for that info Bud Bultman!

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I perfer people to finish my sentences somtimes....if it's a friend. My brother stutters too and I finish his sentences all the time. As a stutterer, I find it almost painful to watch someone else struggling to say a word. If you do finish his sentences, make sure you definitely know where it's going. You don't want to finish his sentence and have it be completely wrong.

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I wouldn't finish his sentences. I mean, what if it were you who stuttered, and you truly felt that you couldn't control it, and everyone else was jumping in and finishing YOUR sentences?


In my opinion, finishing his sentences might hurt him and insult him. Try to be patient with him-- I'm sure he gets enough carp from other people...

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Sometimes it is easier if someone finishes your sentences. It's embarrassing standing in front of people trying to get out what you want to say. Maybe that's just me though. I don't mind when other people finish my sentences. But I get frustrated with stuttering very quickly and will usually avoid verbal communication because of that.

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