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Is he lying? Where is he REALLY going?

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So I got 2 text from my bf this morning , saying " Hey im up, but i gotta do something this morning. Is it cool if I come by at 1?"


Then I was like what? That's not how he would tell me hes up and he cant just come by since he lives like 30 minutes away and he wouldnt never tell me hes just coming by. So it made me think he sent it to me instead of someone else.



The 2nd text said, " Good Morning babe, im up now. I love you so much, i hope your sleeping well. Im gonna shower now since i didnt get a one last night. Hey i got a weird text this morning from a 714, and when i called it back, it was a business recording. Thats the text i send you... weird huh?"




So the second message sounded like what he would text or call me and tell me each morning.

Now, I found it weird that he would send that first message first. Now he just told me that his dad asked him if he wanted to go golfing with him and they would leave in and hour or so.Which means, he will be somewhere else not home at 1. They had like 80 mph winds so lost power and now is back on but their cable and internet is not on. So I kinda figured well, if they have nothing to do i can see why they would do that.



He keeps asking men if I'm okay, cause, it seems when he told me about the message i changed. Then he didnt get one of my text cause it didnt send and he thought i was upset. Am I looking to much into this? It really does bug me that he NOW has something to do at the time that text said. I asked him to send me a picture of him at golf place because, i didnt get one of him last time. And if he doesnt it will seem to me like more suspicious. But, then he might not send it because, he probably knows why i want the pix.


What do you think? Am I just letting my mind go overboard now? I will see him later today so is there any way I can be sure of where he was.

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I think you're reading too much into this. Has he ever given you reason not to trust him?


No, I think you may be right. Once, i kinda doubted that he was home like he said he was. I dont know why I was doubtful. but, without me asking me he called me like and text me the whole night and sent me pictures of him doing retarted stuff like stuffing his face with chips lol


Now, i'm thinking is just not that i don't trust him. It maybe me that my ex lied to me so much. That now I'm not used to getting the truth. So I may not think the truth is the truth. Kinda see what i mean?

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This is one of those strange 'life' things...Like no one would believe if you told them, kind of in a way...stay with me. I know exactly how your reaction made him wonder aloud if you 'were ok' funny how most of us wear our emotions on our sleeves....I think you should try to sweep this one of the old cobwebs in your mind. The many of us with trust issues have been used and abused before and when we try to get ahead of whatever game we think our current mate is playing, unfortuatley we usually lose...BIG. I know it stays with you and we never get to an age where we can just blow it off, but do the best you can and love him the way you are and the way he is. If his attitude changes on its own with no help from a suspicious look from you, well then, time to investigate..uh I mean talk about it! Good luck and let us know.

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I agree with the first responder.


I think when you have a situation like this that leaves you scratching your head and saying, "huh?" that you have to rely on how your relationship is as a whole and how you feel in it.


Does your guy treat you with love and respect? Does he give you any reason to doubt his commitment to you? Do you feel respected, and loved? Do you have trust with him, trust that can only be earned over time and with proper treatment?


If the answer to those questions is 'yes' than I would not read too much into a silly text. People do off kilter things once in awhile. If the answer to any are 'no', than maybe you need to look a little deeper and evaluate the relationship, and why you are feeling that way- or why he isn't treating you that way.

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Yes, he treast me with love and tons of respect. Maybe, im not used to actually having someone be honest and trustworthy. But, it did leave me scratching my head. And until i see him later i wont' be certain.


Be careful with this. I have made the mistake before also of not trusting my current partner because of mistakes others I have dated made in my past.


Your partner is not the same person as the ones who may have hurt you in the past- nor does he deserve to pay for what others did to betray your trust. Keep your focus on the here and now, and how your present bf treats you and has treated you all along. I know I've done it too- we have to watch ourselves because ultimately it is not fair to them or us, if we can't move on and let it go and trust what's right in front of us.

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Well, when I saw him it was exactly. What I hoped I would see. He was out in the sun, and i knew for a fact he wasn't lying. I know he's not my ex. And now I just gotta keep telling myself that. Plus, today he proved to me once again how much he does loves me and wants this relationship to work. Thanks to everyone for your advice and opinions.

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