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To Keep or to lose - A Fantastic Friendship

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I have this friend who is nto just a friend but a sister to me a few months ago she told me something that has now posibly ruined my trust for her. I love her and so badly want to forget and forgive but I thought I would get some advice from ye all first.


In october kate told me one of my friends had told her that "Me and my hubby should not be having kids because of our circumstances" this really hurt because we have been having fertility isuues for well over 2 years now and now we just found out more bad new towards it all. So instead of it bothering me I called up this girl and yelled at her for saying such a devestating thing. I was in tears all night long, well you see she said that she never said that so when i hung up with her she called kate and asked her if she said that. Kate called me back and told me she called, but never said what they talked about just told me to foget about it. So we did but inside I was still hurting.


Well 2 months goes by and I find out that Kate and her are talking and being chums again so I called the girl who said it and asked her straight up if she said it and she said NO and to my surprise she also told me that kate had told her "I swear to you that I did not tell her you said that" "I dont know what is wrong with her she is screwed up latley" i was in absolute shock and I was so upset that kate would say something like that...inside i believe she said it to save her own back so that everyone wouldnt be upset with her for telling me a lie. To this day kate swears she never said that and really I just want to forget it but I am worried about trusting her. Sometimes I wonder if she just made herself believe she never said it and she REAlly thinks that she never said it.


I know this all sounds silly but there is alot to it and our loss in friendship[ this last month has really hurt so I dont know what I should do. I am so tempted to forget but i dont know if it is the right thing to do. Any advice would be great...let me know what you think,



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Never make decisions out of frustration or anger. Instead, take a much needed break and decide over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Decisions made out of anger and hurt are often hasty. You must wait for the anger to subside a bit. You may decide to cut off ties anyway - but at least by then you will handle it better - wiser - because you allowed your patience to kick in.

People who we have invested time in, usually need a second chance and a serious talk-over about the matter at hand.

You need this for yourself as well so you will not regret anything later on.


Good luck

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