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You can transmit by shaking hands or touching the persons genitals or they didn't wash their hands after the bathroom but the possibility is very remote.


No home type tests as they require blood work. See a doctor if you think you have any symptoms.


What makes you think you have something?

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You can get tested through a urine sample as well. It may take a week for results. I'd say your chances of contacting either without having entercousre are very unlikely.

There are free clinics for this, depending on where you live.

Keep in mind though, gonorreah and chlamydia reside in fluid...sorry, not my favorite word...any rubbing or "probing" going on around that area?

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I think it would be highly unlikely for you to get either of those bacterial infections without being sexually active. What are your symptoms? it is possible you may have another type of bacterial infection. No, you really can't self-diagnose. You need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.


by the way, the symptoms are different for men and women. if you are man with an active gonorrhoeae infection, you will know! the stench is foul, and you will see it on you. look up some google images.


On the other hand, these are infections that tend to be asymptomic in women. Many women do not find out they have chlamydia until they go to the doctor and find out they are infertile due to the infection.

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