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Online dating-How to know the meet's result


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I had some dates with guys I know from Internet. We went for coffee. The conversation was good. Some asked if he can have dinner with me next time and I said "sure" but then nothing happen after all... Some did call back after several weeks that made me hard to remember who he is...What should I do next time when we finish our coffee talk? Are guys supposed to call/sms me back or I can do it? Is there any clue or hint that help me to know about the meet's result so that I can consider to remove his phone # and move to the next one? Please share with me your experience.

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Met my bf of 6 months online. Not a harmony type site though, more of a realistic human site, no tests, just truth about who you are and what you are looking for...I did not have to kiss a lot of toads because I was pretty brutal about what I wanted as I am too old to play games at this stage and just wanted fun. I did not want a guy taking me out for anything so I made them come to my job so I could size them up...and all of them lied about something of their character or appearance or that they were MARRIED..Anyway, your guy will come along and you will know it. Feel it. Let me know and good luck.

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I have had much the same experience as you - good date, guy says he wants to see me again, then nothing. See thread:


It's beyond frustrating. I say that it can't hurt to e-mail him or call him about 3 days after the date if you haven't heard from him, but just play it cool (say that you enjoyed your get-together and ask if he'd like to meet up again). At least you can say that you tried, even if you get no response.

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in my experiences, the guys that are truly interested in dating you will ask you out within the first 4-6 e-mails. If they take longer than that to ask you out, forget them. If after our first date, the guy doesn't call me within a week to say hi, see how I am doing, or ask me out again, I forget him. Delete his number. If they take longer than a week to call you, it means that they are seeing other women and rotating you around.


Don't get too hung up on the first few dates. just go out, have fun, if they call they call, if not, next!

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