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ex dumped me last may (2006)..we didnt talk till august..i was very upset and bitter...there were a lot of things that he did (pertaining to insensitivity etc)


He contacted me in august begging to have me back...this went on till mid november..i said no over and over..we slept together here n there..


End of november he starts seeing a new girl...i go on vacation. come back to find that he is eager to see me..very eager to sleep with me..lies to me about their relationship status etc...


wats his problem? If hes with a new girl and hes sleeping with her too..why is he so desperate to sleep with me too?

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wats his problem? If hes with a new girl and hes sleeping with her too..why is he so desperate to sleep with me too?


Just as you said, the sex was good so he wanted to sleep with you even though he had a gf. I dont believe that he was desperate to sleep with you but if he could have sex with you then he was going to do it . Just because he has a new gf doesnt mean he does not still have feelings for you and his feelings would not have to be more than he likes the sex you two have.

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Women seem to love jerks and bad boys, it must be the excitement. Well, unless women wise upto him will never change, then again if he's good at sex he can afford to be arrogant and a bastard. There is plenty of demand for men who are good in the sack )


He's having his cake and eating it too. Good luck to him, if women are letting him they have only themselves to blame. I have some respect for this guy, he might goto hell, but he's living dangerously and to the max.


huh, why does he want to sleep with you aswell? god, men would happily sleep with 10 women if they had the time and it was permitable. The devil in man always wants and wants, he will get satisfied ))))

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Then what's the problem? Ppl said it before, some guys are jerks, since you said no to being in a relationship with him but said yes to sleeping with him here and there, he thinks he can have you anytime. He KNOWS that he can actually. He thinks you're easy and you haven't given him anything that proves you aren't. He probably gets sex from his girlfriend and he can get sex from you, in his mind it goes like this, 'Why should I just get sex from one girl when I can get sex from two girls! It's twice the sex!!!'


See what I mean.

Kick him to the curb honey, cut the contact with this jerk, unless you're as sex-oriented and shallows as he is.

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