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Girls using Guys?

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For all the girls out there I was wondering how many of you have ever used a guy just for sex? And for the guys how many of you were ever used by girls for sex? Did you just want sex yourself, or did you want an actual relationship?


I know it's not alright for anybody to use anybody, guys or girls. But is it just as okay for a girl to use a guy as it is for a guy to use a girl? You never really hear anything about girls using guys for sex alone, but you always hear that guys only wanted a girl for sex.


I guess I'm asking because I actually kind of wanted to use a guy for sex once, and I'm only 17. I met this 25 year old guy online and was talking to him every day for a month. I started to want to tell him to come visit me in person, and even though I knew that I would only see him for a short while and then may never see him again, I had decided that I wanted him to make love to me. I wanted him to make me feel good. I guess I just wanted to use him. Is this normal?


Any replies will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Well it's normal to sometimes just some sex. That's why the term one night stands were created. Never hearing of women using men for sex? I hear it all the time and I don't condon it at all but it does happen. As far as using a guy for sex I haven't done that one as of yet and hopefully don't plan to. I really don't recomending you to just go and have sex withs ome guy you met over the net and even though the net is a wonderful tool to met people i'd be cautious. First of all you don't know where this guy has been and stuff. I'd at least get to know him a bit in person before considering to do anything and be up front about it. If you just want sex just tell him that if he agrees to it then your not using him at least not in a way that will ultimately hurt his feelings. If he's not intrested in just having sex I wouldn't persue it and find somone else. The longer this goes on the worst it can be for his feelings if he is really serious.

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Yea, samuri monkey's got a point. Get 2 kno him, i'm not saying for a long time like see what he's like first b4 u make a decision like that (e.g. a few hours). And if he claims and seems fine, chances are he probably is (even tho there's still of chance of gettin something but it's still slim).


Tell him u just want him on a one night stand basis for now, i'm sure he understands. Plus i don't c what's wrong wif it, everyone likes 2 hav sex, it's wonderful. So yea, KINK it up!


Happy Heb

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