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Lightening skin back to original tone from summer tan?

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During the summer I was outside in the sun alot so I got a tan and it turned my facial skin and arms like 3 shades darker than my original skin tone. I really don't like how my skin turned out and I liked it better when it looked lighter.I am african american by the way. Well I've stayed inside alot more and people say that my skin will eventually lighten up but when exactly? Im afraid that it might stay dark forever. Is there anything I can use to speed up the lightening process??

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I don't know about African-American skin but you could check out the obaji system, it has skin lighteners in its products. You could also google Dr. Julio Garcia, he has a Q and A forum and you can ask him anything about your skin and he will reply. Good luck.

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there are skin bleaching creams you can buy at most drug stores, but I don't really recommend them. My mom used to make me use them because I would get really tan. they smell bad and I think it can leave your skin patchy. Just let the tan go away on its own. And use sunscreen in the future. tans = skin damage.

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I've never purposely tried to get rid of a tan (I have a hard enough time getting one in the first place!), but I hear that if you exfoliate on a regular basis, it will help the tan fade faster. Don't overdo it, of course, you don't want to irritate your skin...but maybe try using a mild scrub or a loofah/bath brush instead of a sponge/washcloth.

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