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Receding Hairline Age 18/19

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Unfortunately, there is not much you can do for hair loss. It's herediatry. My suggestion is to simply keep it cut really short if you start losing your hair...otherwise you'll end up having that Donald Trump "swoop"....and that would just be atrocious...

Oh and...NO it's NOT a turn off. At least not to me.

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For some women it might be a turnoff, for many it won't. When I was 18, I dated a 22 year old who had a very receding hairline. My current boyfriend is semi-bald.


It's just such a common occurrence for men, that women don't view it as abnormal or anything. But still, there may be some women whose tastes are different.


Remember, whether you have a full head of hair or not, not everyone is going to be attracted to you. By the same token, there will be people who definitely are.

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If you're otherwise healthy (some illnesses can cause hair loss), then it would seem that's just the genetic hand you were dealt.


There are a variety of products/procedures on the market, but I doubt that any of them can deliver quite as promised, and many of them are an absolute waste of money. You'd have to figure out for yourself if the benefit is worth the cost.


If you haven't done so recently, you might want to consider a complete check-up with your doc to rule out any underlying illness. If you're healthy (and you probably are), I think you might benefit most from the services of a professional hairdresser for ideas on an appropriate and flattering style. Just be wary if s/he tries to sell you high-ticket haircare products, though.

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It is a common misconception that there is nothing you can do about it. There is quite a bit! Your best bet is prevention. Hairloss is mainly due to an overproduction of the hormone DHT or one of its metabolites that reaches the scalp. Effective treatments block DHT and thus prevent further hairloss. You can take oral supplements or things you apply directly to the scalp.




All the orals are going to have the potential for systemic side effects. The main one is possible reduction in libido. The most effective and most efficient is probably dutasteride (aka avodart). It has a very long half life and does an excellent job at blocking dht systemically. It is pricey however.


Another cheaper option is finasteride (aka proscar). It has a shorter halflife so you would need to take it at least twice a day. That is why it is often considered not as effective as dutasteride. But it works great for many men.




Azaleic acid - this would be my top choice if you just want to block dht. It is supposed to block 100% of dht at the point of application on your scalp. Pretty cool and since it is topical it may not have any other side effects.


Sprironolactone - this is a heavy hitter. Very powerful antiandrogen that will block dht and many of its metabolites! It can have adverse side effects even applied topically.




The only thing I know proven to regrow hair is minoxidil (aka rogaine). It is not effective in everyone but I would certainly seriously consider using it if I were you. It has a very low incidence of side effects and it otc. You can get the equate brand at walmart. I personally use more than their recommended dose (just buy extra bottles so you can get plenty on your scalp).


What to try


If you want to keep your hair, I would definitely stock up on minoxidil and give it a go. In addition, I would go ahead and try azaleic acid as well. You need something to block dht and minoxidil doesn't really do that. Minoxidil is for regrowth. It won't stop any further hairloss!


After doing adequate research on your own, you might consider trying a kitchen sink approach:



Azaleic acid


And maybe even spiro


Or you could just say screw it, let your hair recede, shave it when the time comes and be happy. I personally want to keep my hair a bit longer! PM me if you would like to know where to get this stuff cheap. Online sources are the best in my experience. Finasteride is quite inexpensive and you can get a good AA/minoxidil mix reasonably as well. So if you want to keep your hair, you can choose to do so! Just take some kind of action soon. Regrowth is tough and someitmes impossible to achieve. Prevention just requires blocking dht. Nothing super fancy about that.

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My late boyfriend started to lose his hair at 16, by the time I met him two years later he had a severe receding hairline. I still was totally into him, and was with him for five years before he passed away, never doubting he was sexy to me for an instant. And you know what, while I know it was something that had bothered him, he also did not let that define him or hold him back and THAT was hot.


I know some friends whom just shaved their head when confronted with it, and have NO problems with attracting partners.


There are some remedies that are purported to help prevent hair loss or at least minimize it, though you need to research their risks long term as well. Some of them can cause for example birth defects when women even touch them, which just shows how powerful they can be.


But honestly, I had an ex whom was so obsessed about losing his hair and using things to prevent it, it was a bit unattractive.


So whatever route you choose, try to also realize that it is not lack of hair that would make you unattractive, but a lack of confidence about it.

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I started losing my hair around 22 yrs. of age and here's what I did about it:


Shaved my head and embraced it!


Bald is beautiful, baby!


Same with my husband, except he started thinning at 18. He shaves it now and looks dead sexy! Just accept it... age with grace. The more you try to cover it up or stop it, the worse it will get. I recommend keeping your hair short - no combovers or skullets, please.

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Of course you can explore the options mentioned above, but if you're doing things right with women then it really won't have any effect as the physical can only help you with girls, but is a very overcomable obstacle if you have flaws.


Women base their decisions on whether they're interested in you by what they feel ie. how you make them feel. You do this with your words, body language, vocal tone +pace, eye contact, smile. All of these things are so much more important in attracting girls than how you look. This has been proven and is now accepted as fact.

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Baldness is herieditary and it also, apparently, skips a generation. I would have doughts on the latter however. Now, sadly there is nothing that you can do to stop it. I had a friend that was receding at a young age too but it never affected him on getting girls. I wouldn't worry about it at all, it happens to some people so focous on your good points and don't get hung up on what you can't avoid man

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Same with my husband, except he started thinning at 18. He shaves it now and looks dead sexy! Just accept it... age with grace. The more you try to cover it up or stop it, the worse it will get. I recommend keeping your hair short - no combovers or skullets, please.


Skullets? Is that that ring around the back of the head? Ewwww! I doubt anyone under 50 would even think about having one of those. Serious grandpa style.

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