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Missing her, PLS HELP!


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This is my story...


I met a girl about 6 weeks ago online, and we got on really well from day one, we would talk for hours a day, we had loads in common and understood each other, shared similar sense of humour etc, it was like we were soul mates, neither of us had a roper relationship before so we were happy and excited, she then had net problems and i didn't speak to her for 2 weeks, we missed each other a lot, after she came back things started to become great again, and we got really close, we were talking on and off all day, sometimes for 6 hours at a time, and telling each other things we haven't told anyone else.


However i haven't spoke to her for 4 days now, we talk on yahoo and theirs been a problem were she cant see me when im on yahoo, but we sometimes talk on msn and she hasn't been on that, and i've been trying to call her but never a reply, i've left her voicemail and txt messaged her, still nothing, i know she has been online as i saw her in a chatroom a couple of times but she couldn't see me, i asked someone to give her a message from and she asked what i was saying, when she was told she left, which made me think could she be ignoring me? the last time we spoke everything was great so i haven't done anything wrong to warrant her ignoring me, i haven't seen her on chat since, so i'm just not sure what is going on, even if she is having net problems and can't get online why won't she ring me or answer the phone? maybe her phone was stolen but that's unlikely, the only other thing i can think is that someone has told her something bad about me, but we don't even have any mutual friends etc so that's hihgly unlikely too, or that her parents won't let her speak to me, but i don't see why they wouldn't, i've never even met them, i miss her so much, i'm angry that she hasn't contacted me, and scared of losing her for good, i know all i can really do is wait to see if she contacts me, but i can't stop thinking about her and what's happened.


If anyone has any ideas of what might have happened please share them, i just want to know whats happened and be re-assured i'll speak to her again, or if anyone has any ideas on how to contact her other than what i tried, i'd like to know, she is the only person i'm really close to and i feel so lonely right now.

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Being a computer nerd like myself when i was younger (not that i'm old now) I got into an internet relationship. Let me tell you first hand that internet relationships very rarely work. There are multiple reasons why she could be blocking you and ignoring you. Most likely she's probably been lying to you and doesn't want to be caught up in a mess. People online become rather different from the person they are offline and people who may be modest become more likely to cheat and lie online and to not take online relationships seriously. Why this happens I don't know. The other thing that lures internet relationships to be so incredible is that it's easier to talk to somone. You never have to met them in person, you can open up and talk to them when you might not have in person. This opening up can make some stranger seem like the perfect soul mate and this a wonderful thing but unfortunately it seems this girl is not intrested in persuing a serious relationship. Internet relationships can work and it's not to say they dont. I've been to two weddings in which the couples have met on AOL chat rooms. However you best luck is to forget it and probably persue a relationship in person. I know it's hard and takes a lot of effort but, it's worth every minute of it.


Lots of Luck

The samurai Monkey

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This is not the type of reply i wanted to hear, just because it's the internet it doesn't mean everybody is lying to everyone they talk to online, i think this is nonscence, i think most of the people are truthful, except maybe peadophiles, i've talked to this girl for hours and hours, we've talked on the microphone, on the phone, and seen each other's webcam, asides from touching each other it's as real as you can get, i know she feels the same as i do, so her ignoring me wouldn't make sense.


I've been talking to girls online for many years, and i've never met a girl i've liked even a little bit as much as i do her, i don't think every girl i talk to online is my soulmate, i usually know straight away i'm not gonna been any more than friends with them, but with her it was different.


Maybe you had someone that lied to you in the past, but that doesnt mean all people are like that, i'd prefer not to have negative replies based on peoples own past hurt, i'm really upset and finding this hard to deal with, and i don't think im deluding myself in thinking i will speak to her again and thinks could be good again, i just need some re-assurance.

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Hey I'm sorry I didn't mean it to be taken that way and offensively. It did come off that way and I want to apologise. I'm not saying that that's true and that everyone online is your soulmate. Not everyone does lie and that's not exactly what i meant from what it sounds like she could be at least in my opinion it may not be true. I should have been more sympathic because finding someone online can be an amazing thing and it's really neat to meet people online. Especially when you met them in person it's nice.

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